KL505V in Use

Took it for a spin in the car yesterday and gave it a good trashing on 20m on the ANZA Net. The Xiegu G90 was set for 10w SSB and the selector on the KL505V was on 6. The Average power meter reading was 150w to about 175 out. Depending on how loud I spoke. The Fans come on slowly the moment the amp is turned on and ramp up when the amp is keyed. Nice feature. The amplifier ran smoothly and got warm to the touch but no more. The voltage from the car battery stationary was about 12.4 volts and starting the car did not change the output level in any noticeable way.

AM test 5w carrier in  50w out, 10w AM in 100w carrier out. No worries there!
My 10w PEP input obviously was causing no issues and all audio reports were good.

So far so good. It works as it should and the fans do their job. A solid little amp for the job as usual. But remember: it has no shutdown circuitry or filters so try not to run it flat out cos if something goes wrong after the amp and you have no headroom, the amp will not shutdown till it breaks. I ran an in line swr meter after the amp and kept an eye on it.

I am talking average power with 10w SSB in. A whistle pegged the 200w meter.

I don’t think there is anything else out there for the price.

About David Donaldson

66 and Live in New Zealand now. Hiding from Covid 19! I like to ride my bicycles.
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