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Texas Star DX500 Turbo

Sneak preview of a new Texas Star 500w Amplifier. One of their most successful models the DX500 has been further kitted out by Texas Star to include a temperature controlled fan (The thermal switch turns the fan on at 115 F. … Continue reading

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Another Amp to look at

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We received some stock of the new KL503 broadband (well a little) mosfet amplifier this week. 8 little irf520’s in a near row I thought. I was wrong, there were 9. It has one driving 8. Disaster. max input is … Continue reading

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More Amplifiers

First of the new amps is this 1.8mhz-30mhz 500w HF amp. It has 4 ea 2879 transistors and good for about 65-70w input. Output varies with the frequency and it gets a little more than 500W out on 80m and … Continue reading

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2879 and 422 spec sheets

2SC2879.pdf MRF422 spec sheet.pdf   For those interested…

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RM Italy’s KL800 Amplifier

Finally got to have a look at the KL800 Amplifier. All looks real good on paper…4 ea 422 transistors, large heatsink, 3 fans, 28 volts DC input. I have been waiting for a while to check this one out. Is … Continue reading

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Magnum TX2000M Mosfet amp

Weather has been a bit wet so not much work on the tower, but today we received the first batch of the new Magnum MOSFET amplifiers. The front panel and the rear panel below.   Time to go check them … Continue reading

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More on Amps for yeticomnz

Amplifiers   In these low sunspot years an amp is an essential for those of us without the real estate or where-with-all to erect a multi element beam at 60 feet. Slapping a few hundred watts in line to the … Continue reading

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