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Mobile Operation

Did the unthinkable today and took the company driver to Merak. I sat in the back and fiddled with the 257 hooked into the cigarette lighter and a magnetic Wilson 5k on the roof. It twnged and banged on everthing … Continue reading

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DX stuff

Monday morning things opened up into 43div and had 153AT063 breathing fire through the back of the antenna as well. Leo from freo and accross the south to NSW and up to Nth Queensland as well as Darwin. Just like … Continue reading

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THe Rupiah is taking a bit of a dive right now so dashed off the bank to cash in some USD at rates about 10% better than last month. Got 10,490rps to the dollar! Had to wait in line a … Continue reading

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Radio Business

Another Amp going down to NZ and Billy thinks he has sold one of the Magnums he took yesterday. By and large things are going slow but what does one expect with the sunspot as it is these days. Still … Continue reading

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Europe on Sunday afternoon

Well the skip is rolling in….and the big guns are out. The big antennas and big power can still get the needle moving. Mario 5/7 and Eric up to a 5 with the QSB No sign of 236 or 151 … Continue reading

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DX preparations

DX was good this weekend with all day contact into Darwin on Saturday.  Worked 236OD001 Max throiugh the eveining as he waited for Europe but nothing came thru for him. 153AT063 was on line but couldn’t hear him either which … Continue reading

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Back from Karakorum’s in Pakistan

Back and good to be home…Lost a few kilos I think. Worked a bit of skip into 43 div but think I need a new Antenna with more gain for Europe. Steve brought back the DX1600 amp that got looked … Continue reading

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