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Magnum TX2000M Mosfet amp

Weather has been a bit wet so not much work on the tower, but today we received the first batch of the new Magnum MOSFET amplifiers. The front panel and the rear panel below.   Time to go check them … Continue reading

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Tie Beams going in

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Tower progress

The steel for the tower arrived last night. Same tower from the old place but will be slightlky modified to take out the twist that it had at the old place. The legs are poured and waiting to set and … Continue reading

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More Boat

Finished up the installation of the 33′ vertical on the boat on Friday. Pretty solid. Still need to drop it down and seal up the clamps so they don’t rust up. Antenna can pivot down on to the ‘H’ easily … Continue reading

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Played Golf today. very erratic. couldn’t get off the tee to save myself but the irons kept the score down. One birdie and less than average for the rest. The tower has 2 legs cemented some of the way up. … Continue reading

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Merak Day

Today was Merak Day. We have both our boats up on the hard so always good to take a look. The new vessel, The Surveyor is out to get a couple of new transducers for the sounders installed and to … Continue reading

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cement being slowly mixed

Cementing started today so I hope it doesn’t rain and wash it all away. I hope they have a tarp available somewhere to put up if it does.

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New Bikes

Jason and Nadya got their new bikes today. Nadya’s is a bit big for her and she had trouble turning at first but she is getting better by the hour. Jason is fascinated with the gears and disc brakes. He … Continue reading

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The vertical dipole

The vertical dipole from Zerofive. Works OK but really waitbg for the 5/8 20 vertical he has supposed to have been sending for five months! The amp shipment from RM will be in next week but no surprises other than … Continue reading

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Late Sunday afternoon

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