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JRC JST-135 Transceiver

  Not often seen but well thought of is JRC’s JST-135. What makes it stand out is the quiet receive, the build quality and the massive 150w continuous PA section. I have a question. How can you adjust this radio … Continue reading

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Another Museum Piece has arrived

Can’t say much about this as yet to play with it, but it looks interesting…Have not seen that style of board before and the keypad and memories add interest to the mix.

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Look What I Found !!!

Still remember the Concorde-III I used to own..Bought it new in Schipol airport in 81 or 82. Don’t often see these around anymore.

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The Recently Released MaxLog M8800

The best Picture of this radio is the one on the box! Our board was Ver 06, blue.   We had been waiting a while for our initial order of 6 radios to arrive. The manufacturer had a lot of … Continue reading

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Floods in Jakarta

I do wish I had left the car at home the other day….The carpets will stink for the next 3 months!

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Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB

980 Bearcat Getting Lazy in my old age so just took photos of the box. Saves me explaining too much. What we have here is quite a nice little 40ch SSB CB radio from Uniden. It goes all right and … Continue reading

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