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Australia’s ACMA..Could this be why we have seen an increase in state sanctioned crimes against freebanders

Summary: ACMA chairman Chris Chapman has said that he was “gobsmacked” by the Convergence Review recommendation that ACMA be abolished, saying he sees a big future for the authority in a digital world. By Josh Taylor | August 30, 2012 … Continue reading

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With the current trend of the authorities to police the operations of Illegal CB operators I thought it might be a good time to remind folks of how things used to be. When I grew up CB was 2 w … Continue reading

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What Is Going on in Australia these Days?

It seems the powers in control of spectrum management down under have decided that they need the frequencies between 27.405 and 28.000 for something special because they are out and about visiting radio operators that they have monitored operating in … Continue reading

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