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SteppIR going back up on the tower

This morning I pulled the boom off the shelf in the garage and reconnected the motor wiring loom. Tested the motors and all working as they should. Slipped the fibreglass tubes in the holes and tightend the rubber boots holding … Continue reading

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CB’s for NZ

After several years of trying we are finally getting close to our goal of being able to release an SSB radio into NZ that incorporates the normal NZ CB frequencies and their channels and with the flick of a switch … Continue reading

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Vertical Dipole at 5m

Had an offer of a 5m section of triangular tower that they said could hold up without guys. Irresistable and they mounted it the other day so yesterday we played about and finally swung the 33′ center fed vertical dipole … Continue reading

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CG 5000 800w remote antenna tuner

I have been using CG5000 for about a month now with a temporary verical dipole and running about 500w PEP from 40-10 meters. Hard to discuss a tuner without explaining the antenna because the tuner can only work as well as … Continue reading

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2879 and 422 spec sheets

2SC2879.pdf MRF422 spec sheet.pdf   For those interested…

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Vertical dipole

The vertical dipole is doing well considering it is so close to the ground. We installed a self standing base for it yesterday and hope to get it up on top today if nthe weather holds off. The dipole performs … Continue reading

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Tower completed

Tower topped out yesterday and today the lightning rod goes up. Need to get this grounded as soon as possible. The monsoon has not left yet.

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RM Italy’s KL800 Amplifier

Finally got to have a look at the KL800 Amplifier. All looks real good on paper…4 ea 422 transistors, large heatsink, 3 fans, 28 volts DC input. I have been waiting for a while to check this one out. Is … Continue reading

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Almost there

  Only three more meters to go. Then we have to paint, add earths and grounding stuff and think about what will sit on top. Probably tile the cement legs at some stage as they look a bit rough.

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tower going up…

FGot back from 3 days up the mountain and found the tower about 8 meters up.

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