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HURACAN MK 2 Prototype Final Amplifier Section

Here are the photos of the prototype PA we will use on the Huracan. I think we will need another fan on the outside of the heatsink. We are seeing 110W PEP with a gentle tune. I think this PA … Continue reading

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For some time now we have been quietly buying the odd radio and sending down to Mike to fix up and put back on the shelf….Here are some pics of a few of them…The idea is to get them hooked … Continue reading

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Switch mode PSU’s from China

I have been using the 30A switch mode brick type chinese made PSU’s for some time now and found them to be clean, cheap and reliable. Lightning took one out but the rest have done well. Like all things there … Continue reading

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CRE 8900 Pics

Is it just me or is there something about that box that reminds me of President Radios…?

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A new 1 x 4 TX2000M amp from Magnum

Looks exactly like the twin transistor amp we wrote about earlier but with a driver and 4 transistors in the final section. I remember testing it and putting it down cos I thought it got to hot. The fan inside … Continue reading

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CRE 8900

Well despite the weird name the radio seems quite good according to Mike’s early once over. The radios are is stock on the Yeticomnz web site. ¬†Excuse the language and the brevity but Mike also got an old Browning 3 … Continue reading

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