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A new Radio on the Bench : FT-891

I guess I was one of the many that were hanging out for a new HF mobile rig. The Icom 7000’s days appeared to be numbered so had sold that a while back and kept the trusty 706mk2G but she … Continue reading

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MAXLOG M8800 Ver 8 Hands On….

A box of the Maxlog M8800 ver 8 was waiting on the door step when I returned from the bike ride so I did not waste much time putting one on air and checking it out. Looks the same as … Continue reading

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New 10m Export Radios at Yeticomnz

The AT-6666 arrived in NZ this week and Mike has had it on the bench for a few days. Typically Anytone it is soundly constructed and works OK. TYpically Anytone it also shares the same type of operating system as … Continue reading

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n  TX on 520 or 530 and RX up 10/15/20  khz. Omni antenna and 100w. QSL Manager 1AT070 Statistics after the 2nd day with the weekend yet to run: 487 contacts AT’s 171, SD’s 107, 1 div 70, 14 div … Continue reading

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Preparing for 202

It is rumoured there will be an operator in 202 division some time in February 2014. Cluster DK and Grupo Alpha Tango will have the details when it happens so keep watching and listening. They will be using the Optima … Continue reading

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Yeticomnz Museum

More radios preparing to ship to the Yeticomnz Museum Tram Titan III[/caption] Tram Titan IV[/caption] RADIOS BELOW ARE IN STOCK href=””> Nice Midland and SBE Console V[/caption]A few more arrivals to the Museum. We need to get in more shelving … Continue reading

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The Stryker SR-955HP

I received this radio recently along with a shipment of other radios from the US. This was the only new one, most were headed to the Yeticomnz Museum in New Plymouth. This radio has been out for a while but … Continue reading

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