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Well we did not expect the TET Emtron 6 el dual drive, short boom, liteweight, wide band beam to win this battle but it has been interesting and more testing is in order. The jury is still out! TET has … Continue reading

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Input SWR and Output results for TS DX500 Amplifier

Thought I would have a look at the range of a DX500 Amplifier and here is what we got. I wonder what we need to do to bring the input SWR down the band a bit…. SWR, POWER AND FREQUENCY … Continue reading

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5 Element LFA Yagi

The 5 Element LFA antenna is together on the ground and will go up the tower in the next few days. Dimensions have been checked and a boom to mast support is being purchased. No tuning on these antennas, just … Continue reading

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