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Traffic woes

  Indonesia braces for unrest over fuel price rises The price of fuel in Indonesia needs to be raised for many reasons. The main one being to try to curb the rampant fuel smuggling where boats are carting subsidized fuel … Continue reading

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Wife Disciplining 101 (in case you were wondering)

For the sake of my personal safety at home I will not comment too much on this. Reccommend not leaving a copy pasted to the fridge! Lifted from the SMH this morning…I like the bit about about sexual inactivity…just who … Continue reading

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Ain’t it True…

 "If you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now, quiet! They’re about to announce the lottery numbers…" – Homer Simpson

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CQ Contest

 91SD018 /multi was in the world wide and Sugar Delta contest held for 24 hours last weekend and 24 hours this past weekend. We were a long way from the front runners but in this low DX period we worked … Continue reading

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FEDEX (and the Cobra 200GTL’s)

Fedex called the office. Customs have detained the radios!!! They do not believe the pricing. I guess that means they consider the goods underpriced. Well… I did order from the cheapest place that would send them and they sent them … Continue reading

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Spammed again!

This morning I was informed there were another 27 emails in my inbox for Thunderbird (Free alternative to Outlook Express) to download! That did it! The help on Thunderbird was clear and in no time the anti spam was set … Continue reading

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Don’t know what I did but the spammers are back with a vengeance. Checked my email thios morning to find 22 messages…..seemed a bit much for Sunday…and it was. 22 Spam messages. Provider had accurately tagged them all as Spam … Continue reading

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