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13 Responses to About

  1. rick adams says:

    Please bring back the Super Jopix 3000B to the USA, what a great base station radio, picked up 1 of them surplus, I wish I had gotten them all

    Please Please Bring it back


  2. pedro says:

    Tks. for my call in 27.590 USB into Victoria City in Tamaulipas State Nortes. Mexico, 10AD718 Op. Pedro

  3. hp says:

    Hello from Germany, do you here anything about the maxlog m-8900 compact?
    it was nice when you give me some informations.
    Thank you
    13 papa tango

    • dd182003 says:

      We don’t know where maxlog is going these days. The info we get back from them is sporadic and seldom followed through. Don’t hold your breath for a maxlog …….

  4. 2AT111 says:

    Been following your blog for years! One of the best! Thank you very much for it! 73 2AT111 (previously 11AT011)

  5. Martin, That whole display of the 2m transceiver is set up as white on black from the factory. I don’t think there is an option to reverse it to black on white or is there? I think you either get one or the other and only a physical change of the display will get you what you want. But who knows?

    • Martin says:

      Hi, where can I post that the manufacturers also read it; I wish an adaptation to the hamradio tranciver especially in mobile operation because the sun makes the display barely legible and you can not read it. even in today’s digital age, many things should be adapted to today’s standards. 73‘s

  6. Martin says:

    McKinley, how does it look like you can reverse the display, the writing on bright and the background on dark? if there is this function währe the device my favorite?

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