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More on Amps for yeticomnz

Amplifiers   In these low sunspot years an amp is an essential for those of us without the real estate or where-with-all to erect a multi element beam at 60 feet. Slapping a few hundred watts in line to the … Continue reading

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Yeticomnz is up and running

Have prepared a few posts for the pirate section of the yeticomnz site and will post them here for comments and corrections…..   First is about the out of band stuff we have available….this ol’ pirate is coming out of … Continue reading

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Intersting article on Solid State amps but no design stuff

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The holiday season has hit Indonesia again. Each year at Ramadhan millions of people exodus Jakarta to return to their home villages in Java and all over. Most of them travel by road…Imagine bumper to bumper traffic for 200km for … Continue reading

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They are starting to come back…

Another old site just came back on line….for those who wanna see what the big Dawgs really run ….   Check out the article

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