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M8900 Internal pictures

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AT-6666 on Air

We have seen pictures of the AT-6666 floating temptingly around the Internet for many months and now at last it seems production has started and they are available to buy. Like most radios I have tried out of the Anytone … Continue reading

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150w Mk4 Optima and Mk2 Grant

A couple of new additions to the Yeticomnz stable. 150w MK4 Optima and Grant 2. THe brownings are now on shelf.

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AT-6666/M8900 Size Comparisons

Had a chance to compare the AT-6666 and the M8900 side by side. M8900 is way smaller as you can see from the pictures below. There is a lot more board inside the AT-6666 and I do like the integrated … Continue reading

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Maxlog 8900

One of if not the smallest SSB radio we have come across in recent years. We have one to test and more on the way. Very similar in looks and operation to the M8800 reviewed recently. Power is 40w PEP … Continue reading

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MAXLOG M8800 Ver 8 Hands On….

A box of the Maxlog M8800 ver 8 was waiting on the door step when I returned from the bike ride so I did not waste much time putting one on air and checking it out. Looks the same as … Continue reading

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