Programming 10m ‘CB’ Radios

What an oxymoron this title is! You can’t have a 10m CB radio! Either it is a Ham radio or CB radio. Supposedly. What I mean by this is a radio that covers the 10m band but retains it’s origins as a CB radio by doing it it bands of 40 channels. ie most export CB’s. Except the Optima and maybe a few of the earlier sets which are no longer produced. The fact that almost all of the ‘export’ radios we can buy these days are programmed in bands of 40 channels really pisses me off. Why not 100 channels? Why 10khz steps. None of them step in 5khzs, (except the Optima). But the Anytone SSB 10m radios, and the maxlogs  allow us to define what is actually in the bands themselves. That opens up a few opportunities.

Like what?
Well..lets take the AT-6666 as an example. Out of the box it covers 10m only. Plug in the programming cable and run the program on your connected PC and we can opt for the full coverage mode of 25.6-30mhz, spread over a bunch of 40 channel bands. The program also gives us the ability to decide what frequencies we want to have in those bands. For example; many New Zealanders still want to have access to the old 26mhz CB band. No problem, just go ahead and input 26.330 into Channel 1 of band A and keep on going till you have all the 40 channels written up then upload it to the radio. Turn it on and you have the NZ 40 in band one ready to go. Awesome..and 60 watts of PEP to drive it with. The AT-6666 should be available ex stock NZ in a couple of weeks for around US$250.

Lets face it..the 2 bands in 25mhz are useless (anybody use 25mhz?)  so I would put NZ 40 in band A and the US 40 channels in Band B. That brings us to the wonderful freeband, that area between 27.410 and about 27.855. Bands C and D get entered with every frequency from 27410 on up with 5khz steps. Forget about the channels up here as they are pretty meaningless anyway. look at the frequency on the radio. Alpha channels in order!
Band E. Input the CB Marine frequencies and any other specialized frequencies you may have.
Band F,G,H,I and J. Start at the beginning of the 10 meter band and input the entire band in 5khz steps and whatever of the 10m FM segment suits you. But the AT 6666 radios can’t do split. There was one radio I remember having to input TX and RX frequencies into. Forget which one. All these radios will step in 1khz steps if set to do so but default to 10khz or what has been programmed in the band.

The Lincoln 2+ does do Split TX and RX but we can’t input frequencies for the individual bands. (Yet.) The lincoln 2 is an Anytone design and I suspect build. Its made in China. The Mckinley’s and Grant 2 are made in Vietnam and to my knowledge we have no means to mess with the Grant 2 and Mckinley with a PC and programming.  I doubt if that will change.

So if you want to get your NZ frequencies and increased power with a new SSB CB radio you better get an Anytone.


The Anytone AT-6666 and the lincoln 2 and the Stryker 955 seem to share a common architecture despite looking totally different outside.

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