President Grant Expanded Mode

president Grant 2 Premium

Once the Grant 2 Premium is Expanded several functions are added to the radio which are not covered in the Manual. Despite an upgraded mother board there has not been much change in the way the radio works, but here is what I have found so far.

  1. The frequency coverage is increased from 25.615 to just over 30mhz in 10 bands of 40 channels. To scroll thru the bands repeated press’s of the F button. Bands are identified on the screen from A thru J.
    A is the normal 40 channels and B is the freeband. A bit clunky. As you change the band the last frequency you were on in that band will be displayed.
    If you are going to be doing a lot of navigating with this radio I recommend using the memories, the programming of which is in the manual so I won’t cover it here.
  2. The Power is increased to around 20w SSB/FM and 8 AM depending on tune.
  3. Up 10kc.  To access the Alpha channels a long press of the Mic Gain button jumps the frequency up 10khz and the ‘mhz’ wording on bottom right of display will blink repeatedly. Another long press reverts back to standard. The frequency will change accordingly but no change to the channel numbers.
  4. Minus 5 Khz A long press of the MEM button will drop 5khz and the frequency will track the change. No other notification so keep your eyes on the frequency display! Both the changes in 2 and 3 remain in effect until disabled by pressing the appropriate button again. Turning off the radio does not cancel the function.
  5. UK CB Channels. The UK CB channels can be accessed from the mode button. keep pressing the mode button from AM to FM to USB to LSB and the next press gets you into the UK FM CB Channels. Cool if you live in the UK I guess. President Grant 2 PPresident 2 prem UK

The Grant 2 Premium is still a CB, but a glorified CB. Great little CB actually. I think you might find it a little restrictive to work in the 10m band as you can only work frequencies ending in 5 and 0. It has 5 memories which can ease the navigating niggles of 10 presses of the F button. I prefer the green to the orange display colour but everyone is different. Not much not to like. The extra power and heatsink are worthwhile additions.

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66 and Live in New Zealand now. Hiding from Covid 19! I like to ride my bicycles.
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