RM’s new 500w CB amp

Are they listening at last?

4 kl203’s in one box. Yup: 16 of those little mosfet transistors in parallel. Should be good for an easy 500w pep and 40w to 60w pep in.

Is there anybody left on CB any more?

What would make more sense on todays band would be 4 of the kl505 boards in the 305 box for 1kw out on the ham bands. We currently dont have a 13.8v 1kw mobile ham amp. Still a big market here. CB I am not so sure. RM might be a few years too late with the mosfet 500w amp. The big CB internet shops are going out of business. Hand phones are just so good these days! I wonder what the price will be?


About David Donaldson

64 and Live in Jakarta, Indonesia. like to ride my bikes.
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1 Response to RM’s new 500w CB amp

  1. alvinmirabal says:

    Just amazing! 2AT111

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