Albrecht’s AE 7500

7500 box1

I think this deserves it’s own write up now that I have played with it a bit. When I got the radio it was set up in Code 4 from turn on. I thought it was a little bit hamstrung but after changing it to code 3 the 7500 comes alive. All Ham features work, so we have the full range of steps, split operation and repeater functions and a much cleaner screen. Getting close to the functionality of the OPTIMA and quite ahead of the Anytone radios by getting rid of the 40 channel shit completely. The default 10khz steps work up and down from 24mhz thru 29mhz. The other steps just spin and will not advance the next digit.

7500 face

7500 LCD

Code 3 Rules!

no DC filteringNo DC Filtering????

band pass filterBand Pass Filter !!!!

front panel wiring with plugsJust don’t forget where each one goes if you ever have to unplug them. It sure is nicely laid out board. I guess they felt it didn’t need any shielding for the finals. No issues so far.

final stageThe Final stage. Simple is sweet. What’s with the coil? Is that what it took to tune it? I aint touching it! Note the bridge for adjusting final bias in foreground. It is a cool running radio in SSB with 30w PEP.


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2 Responses to Albrecht’s AE 7500

  1. Scott says:

    The Albrecht AE-7500 is a very nice looking radio, the mixture of old & new school look, love the
    analogue signal meter, hopefully schematic & component overlay diagrams is available without these it is extremely difficult to repair.

    • dd182003 says:

      No schematics and be bloody hard to repair. Not sure how many layers the board is. it is actually a nice radio once I got it into code 3. Just be so much better if the 500hz step was a 100hz step and it would remain in place if selected and progress past the next digit. Small things I guess…

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