The Freeband Bashing Continues

Even with the poor sunspot cycle and reduced use of the freeband frequencies between 27.410 mhz and 27.800 mhz there are still those who have the time and inclination to monitor and report such illegal activity.

I think this guy is one of the best though, despite being active on the freeband himself he still sees the need to report others..probably those with stronger signals.

Stand up and take a bow!        *******Ken N8KC*******

ken 1

OO Card

Funny thing is people have singled Ken out before on this website. He is famous! read the comments attached to this section of the blog from 2014

Now check this out :

I don’t know me!


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7 Responses to The Freeband Bashing Continues

  1. Raven Krow says:

    Just curious, How can the operator be “Out Of Band”, and have an “Improper ID” if they were operating in the freeband with a Freebanding Call sign? It isn’t like they used their Amateur Radio Call sign in the freeband… If they ran their Amateur Radio Call sign in the Freeband, then they would be operating “Out Of Band”

    Besides the fact it looks like he reported all of the information except the RST… How Rude!

    If you see the need to go through all the trouble of getting the Operators Name, Freeband and Amateur Call sign, as well as the DX Station’s Information, you could give him a Signal Report!

  2. utopiaiow2uk says:

    This low life sado “Ken N8KC” is of zero importance on this planet. Simply pay no attention to this self appointed looser. Tens of thousands of Radio enthusiasts use freebanding frequencies for many years and the majority of them are in fact Amateur/Ham Radio operators. So if this sado has nothing more to do than try and destroy every ones hobby then he has zero chance of achieving that. Let’s all name and shame “Ken N8KC”. I think we should all send Ken our own opinions on his thoughts. Here are his details: KENNETH T COUGHLIN, 53762 KRISTIN CT, SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MI 48316. USA

  3. Unbelievable. I’d never seen this. Low life!

  4. 2AT111 says:

    Wow! This is really a screwed up guy. Really pitiful. 2AT111

  5. 14AR095 (also radio Ham !) says:

    Rhôôô, poor guy ! His life is probably so boring !!!

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