Gunung Padang: Time for some History

Most of us don’t get a chance to think too long and hard about history…It all happened a long time ago. How far back to we need to go?
How long have we been here? Really; thinking, organised, civilized, functioning society.
There are many theories but it seems that mankind began to progress sometime shortly after the end of the last ice age. About 9,700 years ago. Since this time we have identified the stages of civilization from stone age to iron age to todays age, the various inventions such as the wheel and the ability to write things down. Numerology and counting.
During the last ice age the ice caps were much bigger and held a lot of the available water as ice. Sea levels were supposed to be about 120m lower than they are today. This enabled migrations of land based species into regions they could not inhabit naturally today. A lot of areas then inhabited are now covered by sea so difficult to explore. The tales of a great flood in the past are probably quite credible given the rising of the sea levels as the icecaps melted. As it was a lot colder people would tend to live at lower warmer altitudes which are well under the sea today.
Where are we going with this? Well we don’t know much about man’s existence on this planet prior to the melting of the last ice age. There are those who believe there was a thriving civilization around 12000 years ago. Some Greek writer wrote about Atlantis in about 400 BC and the story has grown from myth to actuality over the years. Hard to think a story could be passed down for 10,000 years if indeed it pertained to a civilization from pre ice age! But Flood stories do appear all over the place. If stories are not written down immediately to preserve the facts the story will morph into fantasy as the various storytellers subvert the tale to suit their own belief, needs and understanding at the time. Hard to morph stories into legends today because we have written media, photographs and the means to preserve them. But even today myths appear to explain the explainable or just a plain hoax. For example, what if…the world got wiped out and the only record remaining was a book of fiction..any novel…and that was used as the basis to explain the current civilization? Is that what we are doing with our current explanations of history. Was Atlantis real? Shit..I have no idea.
This week I went to visit a site in West Java called Gunung Padang. Too much to explain here but plenty on google about this place. Watch the You Tube clips as well. All the Atlantis lovers, pre pyramid watchers and a bunch of archeologists are beating this site up to be possibly the oldest man made thing found to date. Dates like 20,000 BC are popping up. That’s old in anybody’s language!Hard to imagine what it looked like in the past

Gunung Padang

Gunung Padang


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