A Cute New SSB Radio

Small size SSB Rig

Small size SSB Rig

Another tiny SSB rig is soon to be released.  A standard 12w 40ch Sideband rig but has a lot of programming hidden away. Can be configured for all European bands, yet still hides a full export rig if you know what jumpers to jump and buttons to push. Has the ability to fit another final and a heatsink for 30w PEP in future runs. We all know how small that jopix hand mic is so you can imagine the size of this rig by comparison. It looks real interesting to us and we would like to get our hands on one to try.

In this world of Discotec lighting programmable CB radios it is refreshing to see someone has gone back to basics. No silly echoes, beeps and confusing menus. Don’t see -5khz for the zeros or -10khz for the alphas either.  For those that pine for a compact Cobra 148 this may be the one radio these days that pushes your buttons.

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6 Responses to A Cute New SSB Radio

  1. Eugene Webb says:

    cool send me one to try out in clinton tennessee —if i don’t like it ill let you no

  2. stephen hanson says:

    very nice set good to see the old ways again this mod stuff is pissing lots of people off I like the old style and you can have a external freq counter to

  3. MIKEY says:

    Love the simple basic design, hopefully future productions will be 30watts PEP and have a option for external frequency counter and cover also the whole 10 meter amateur band, we really need a
    small radio to fit modern small cars.

  4. dd182003 says:

    Double sided board so it will not be easy to work on… 😦 CB Joins the list of throw away appliances…

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