Maxlog producing M8900 again. (Ver. 9)

It seems now in mid 2016 that version 10 has surfaced.


Miracles will never cease!! After a long wait of 7 months the M8900 may once more be available. The early ones were great performers but were let down by software and board problems. Not a lot of space to dissipate the 40watts these things were putting out out of the box. Most twin finals we get are 22w PEP or so from the factory.

These new ones show a bigger heatsink and reportedly better TX and RX audio and improved AGC. All the things we want to hear after suffering through the last few batches of Anytone inspired radios. I must say the last 8900’s had some of the best receive of any radio on 11m so wonder how they have improved that. Did read about the noise from a mobile installation but did not notice anything amiss with any I tried.

The photos below show they are being made but we have yet to see a finished article or any specifications or software. Hopefully the horribly complex and messy programming has been cleaned up and we will have one band with all the frequency steps from 24.5 thru 30mhz. But I doubt it. Too much to wish for!!

More as it comes to hand…

Ready for the lids

Ready for the lids

8900 production1



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35 Responses to Maxlog producing M8900 again. (Ver. 9)

  1. Pete says:

    Any info on where to buy from and when?

  2. betocorvo says:

    The big news is that these photo radios were set to be sold here in the 3rd Division …. In other words, it’s likely that is not available the software, tempouco the range of frequencies below 25.6 MHz.

    Anyway, this information was of great value. 73’s

  3. Pete says:

    *shOrt URL of course

  4. betocorvo says:

    By way of information … The previous address was removed.
    Follow updated:

  5. Rod aka mechanic says:

    From what I gather the radio has a smaller frequency coverage, possible it does not go down to 12 meters…. Quite a few videos on You Tube and mainly from Brazil.

    • dd182003 says:

      It will include 12m

    • dd182003 says:

      Rod. Do you work for maxlog?

      • Rod aka mechanic says:

        Lol! No I do not but I am a big fan of the radio! I also have the AT-5555 and the AT-6666, both good rigs but the 8900 is a level above…. Since I am also a HAM, I can see the Maxlog as a full HF rig sometime down the road. I guess at heart I am a 10/11 meter operator and there lies my roots, kind of a weak spot!
        73 Rod aka mechanic

      • dd182003 says:

        The new magnum 1 is pretty neat. Nice receive. It also has a dsp option..

      • dd182003 says:

        Going to be tough to get a ham rig out of maxlog or any other chinese producer that can compare feature and price with radios from the big 3.
        Not saying it can’t or won’t be done but be difficult to catch up with them. I do see a need for small cheap easy to use 50w single band mobile or portable ssb radios covering say 80m or 40m or 20m only.
        I am waiting to see the reviews on the new yaesu ft891 100w mobile rig when it gets fcc approval and hits the shelves. Multiband 100w all band HF rig the size of a small CB radio.
        How do they do it?
        But until then I am hanging on to my 706mk2G.

  6. dd182003 says:

    5w without a decent antenna system just doesnt cut it. Never been so frustrated with a portable radio than I was with the ft817. Worked good on the beam….tough with the mobile…

  7. Rod aka mechanic says:

    I have the Icom IC-703, a 10 watt transceiver and does well on all it covers. You are absolutely correct the right antenna will do the work! I just bought the new Icom IC-7300 and it is a departure from ‘normal’ transceivers.
    I made a video comparing the Maxlog M-8900 with the Icom IC-7300 and both were receiving on par on the same frequency of 25 mHz. I monitor WWV time standard and they received much the same. I will be posting this to my You Tube page soon and the URL here.

  8. Rod aka mechanic says:

    Any news on the 8900? Seems to be replaced by the Magnum 1. I almost made a trade with a fellow in Brazil in December, a SONY SW55 in trade for a Aquario RP90 but he found a different SW55 receiver. Also there would have been some cash on my end not to mention the nightmare to post anything in and out of Brazil! The Aquario is around 350 dollars plus in Brazil and the post would run somewhere about 100 dollars.

    73 Rod

    • dd182003 says:

      We are supposed to be getting some soon..

      • Peter H. says:

        Since 2016 the CRT Superstar SS-7900 (Anytone 5555N) has outperformed the Maxlog. I had one, and if you are lucky to get one where the channel / VFO switch doesn’t fail to click correctly, segments of the display don’t become invisible, and the loudspeaker not plopping when the squelch opens on RX or when pressing PTT (like on the replacement I got because of the channel switch and display), it’s an awesome rig. A bit annoying the case has to be opened in order to connect the programming cable – a jack like on the CRE-8900 would have been great.
        Needs a little bridge of OP1 to work on 11 meters.

  9. Rod says:

    Any more news on the 8900? Looks to be a dead end of sorts…. (sigh!) The FCC has released the restriction of distance limits on CB here as of last May! Skip has always happened and always will…. as if the FCC had rules or policy to prevent that! FRS radio service has become better at the same time! 73 Rod

  10. carlos says:

    Here in Brazil, we have a version of the M8900 RP-90, the menu only goes to the number 24. I do not know if it’s due to the version. Here was released as version 8, we can not change the bandpass, someone would have this information how to do

  11. Freelancer says:

    Where? When? Nice unit! Gotta have. Can’t find.

  12. betocorvo says:

    Menu 25 and 26 are not available for a version of the Maxlog M8900 sold in Brazil – are features that prevented its approval for use in the Citizen Band service. No use searching, the feature is through Firmware.

  13. Freelancer says:


  14. kb8dns says:

    I found this advertisement online for the Aquario RP-90….

    Price is 317 at current exchange rate but postal fees may be something else. There seems to be a discount if you order one dozen of the units. My Portuguese is not the best so translating may be off.

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