ANYTONE on 10 Meters

The three SSB faces of Anytone on 10m (and 11M)

The 3 SSB Anytone 10m radios

The 3 SSB Anytone 10m radios

AT5555N, Grant 2 in middle and AT6666 on bottom

AT5555N, Grant 2 in middle and AT6666 on bottom

3 radios side on

3 radios side

At5555 adjustments

AT5555 grant 2 at6666

at5555 inside

The AT-5555N arrived today and just a few first comments while we play with it for a while. Seems like Anytone looked at the Grant 2 and decided that they could do it better…and it many ways they have!!

Larger display, simplified layout, big buttons, big knobs, big display lettering, more power and removable channel display. Fractionally bigger than the AT-5555. Meter reads power and SWR simultaneously. Same up/down mic as AT-6666 so don’t forget to speak into the middle of the mic not across the top like we usually do. It also seems light in the audio dept like the 6666 but there is sufficient volume; you just have to wrap the volume control a lot further to the right than we are used to. Push Buttons are not back lit but certainly of a sufficient size and number. Dual acting a quick push, or a push and hold, separate the dual functions in each button. The AT5555N seems to share a bit of common architecture with the AT-6666…Push the channel selector to change the tuning steps but if you hold it in there is no menu behind it. In fact only 10 functions in the menu and half of them you could do without. Mic Gain control, Clarifier setting functions and setting the offset frequency are the only ones you will tend to use. Reset is Number 10. Having 9 dual acting buttons means less to put in menus I guess. I do have to say I like it compared to the old AT-5555 and the At-6666. I like the size and the layout. Wish it had the 60W PEP plus of the AT-6666. The 5555N does close to 30 out of the box. Mic gain is set up at 30/36 so not much more to go there. Finals are a pair of 13N01 driven by another 13N01 mounted on the rear heatsink. Radio has not got hot at all but we have yet to really pound it for an hour or two on SSB. No complaints about the tx audio but the radio “seems” to have more receive noise than some of the others we have had across the bench recently. Plenty sensitive but the same anytone /ranger 2950 white noise. The tuning steps are 100hz, 1khz, 10khz, 100khz and 1mhz. Anytone doesn’t believ in 5khz steps for the freebanders. Klick away in 1khz steps like the rest of them. It has a band button which jumps up 40ch but you can navigate over the range of the radio using the steps and ch selector.

No 12m coverage. No CW. They should piss the PA function off as well. (Does anybody use PA?) Starts at 25.615 and finishes just of 30mhz. All the normal Anytone menu functions are there. Got a choice of beeps. 6 of them. From the front panel.

Split works well..set the split in the function menu and turn it off and on from the FRQ button. In the manual when it says push it means push; not push and hold!

The memories allow you to scroll from them but the radio will not revert back to the saved memory frequency, like the at6666 the memory acts more like an independent vfo than a memory. Stays where you leave it and if it is not the same as the stored memory it overwrites it. More like a last ch used function. Band switch is irrelevant now with the steps in the selector, as is the +10k switch as the selector steps up in 100khz, 10khz, 1khz and 100hz steps missing nothing. If you want to view a channelized radio you still can, but at least we have the choice of getting rid of the channel readout completely from the display. On the lincoln 2 and grant 2 you will be looking at a ch readout on the display somewhere.

Would I buy this instead of the AT-5555.? I sure would. Bigger display, better layout, tuning from the ch selector and it looks way smarter. Now they just need to quieten down the receive, add 5khz steps, make the memories work right and double the power!

A tasteful blend of functionality and design. Beautiful to look at, but possibly a pain to listen to for long without a BHI DSP unit in line!

I tried the BHI NEIM1031 on it and you can hear it here:

It is a big step in the right direction.

Putting the AT5555N into export mode is a solder job. No jumpers to jump. Tiny little iddy biddy pads to bridge with solder.

AT-5555N export mod

AT-5555N export mod

Read the box “10 Meter Radio”


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21 Responses to ANYTONE on 10 Meters

  1. MIKEY says:

    Great looking radio, love the large display great for us with old eyes, have you tried other microphones with it?.

    • dd182003 says:

      The mic audio is not a problem. The volume from the speaker is not liear and noisy. Nothing below 10 and 16 is too much. The microphone has a plug like most 2m rigs or the icom 7000. RJ45? Square plastic ethernet type plug. Not easy to switch mics in and out unless you make an adapter lead. Looks to be electret insert as mic is visually the same as the at6666 mic but have not checked.

  2. Dave says:

    where are the iddy biddy pads???

  3. Dave says:

    OK just OP1 I see!

    Thanks Again

  4. Aaron says:

    Where can I get the programming software?

  5. Bill Daniels says:

    How to make channel match frequency on my at5555n they are always different it seems

  6. Rolando Laser says:

    Me Da la impresión que la 5555N puede desarrollar más potencia debido a que tiene los mismos Mosfet que la 6666(13N10L), en eso estamos. En los terminales de mic encuentras +3V,(Poder Fantasma) lo cual hace muy fácil poner micrófonos solo con un Electrec. La configuración donde 1 izquierda y 8 derecha es: 5 negro tierra, 6 Blanco MIc, 7 Rojo PTT, 8 Azul Control (Dw y Up). Esperando que salga el esquemático del Equipo, para poder hacer algunas modificaciones.Saludos.

      • Tarquin the gerbil says:

        It’s a comment saying that the writer gets the impression that power could be higher as it has the same mosfets as the 6666, and then it talks about mic connections and phantom power allowing use of an electret mic.

      • Kevin says:

        the problem with turning up the 5555n or newer 5th gen is that the mossfet is only 60 percent efficient at ten meters yes it’s an 75 watts final but max out putt at 10/ 11 meter is only 30 watts turning radio up any further causes the radio to burn out its power amp due to efficiency at ten meters it’s best not to mess with power settings now in my case I turned audio pot to 99 percent and then use audio setting in menue to pull that back to 55 percent of audio and has been working great any more then 55 is too much and causes distortion in PA and can cause damage to radio and componets it has to be set with audio scope I have ran mine f I r 2 years this way I use an old pistel power Mike on low setting and have had awsome reports about hot this radio sounds on the ten metet nets matter of fact mine i have been told sounds better then any other radios including but not do saying much about xport so called ten meter rigs so audio is low from factory the inside setting is no perfect band scope I’m still in factory specks no spuris transmitt problems leave the out putt on radio alone it has enough from factory I get contacts from all over in cq

  7. Rolando Laser says:

    ¡Hola a todos! Bueno, Experimentando les puedo decir que si Uds. Giran el potenciometro W14, efectivamente el equipo sube su potencia de Peak, el mio más ó menos a 40W pep, pero si movemos el potenciometro W1, la cosa cambia ostensiblemente, la modulación en su promedio sube considerablemente, mi equipo no quedo con oscilaciones parásitas, distorsión, obviamente quedo consumiendo más potencia promedio y los finales se calientan un poco mas rápido, el meter pica un poco más arriba. Saludos.

  8. Joe - KA3CFX says:

    Can the AT5555N be programed for 10m FM repeater offset? I know it seems like a lame question, but I’ve been off the air for the past 30 years. I’m just an analog HAM from the 70’s.

  9. Kevin J c says:

    Just got me one of the at5555 so far love the radio just got too turn it back up its set at three watts I would like to see seven dead key but other then it sucked a four amp Fuze like it was nothing now a ten sits in its place the radio has gotten a whole bunch of radio checks all say it sounds great even in skip

  10. Mick Perry says:

    Hi Dave,Mick 173 NSW vk2lyn we have spoken many times,I have a Anytone 6666 one final was blown replaced with 13n10,I have good rx but but when i go to tx i get the low dc,if i increase the power i get high dc any thoughts would be great,take care i havent heard you about much.


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