Maxlog 8900

Maxlog M8900

Maxlog M8900

8900 Front Panel

8900 Front Panel

Copy of SANY1093



Copy of SANY1096

Copy of SANY1098

Copy of SANY1099

Copy of SANY1100

One of if not the smallest SSB radio we have come across in recent years. We have one to test and more on the way. Very similar in looks and operation to the M8800 reviewed recently. Power is 40w PEP out of the box. Receive is solid. TX sharp. Yeticomnz’s M8900 and future M8800 radios will come with 5khz programmed default on the channel selector. Microphone has an adapter to fit into the RJ45 connector at the rear of the radio for tight in dash installations. It is programmable but most functions are off the front panel so hardly worth it unless you want to fill up all the 80 channels available per band. More after we have thrashed it a little harder.

Front panel layout

Front panel layout

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28 Responses to Maxlog 8900

  1. Mark Boatfield says:

    This is the one Iv’e been waiting for when are stocks due?. does it have 12 meters? Can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Mark Boatfield says:

    love the 8800 hope the 8900 is as good.Ready for a new radio Dave Question is Quad 6 or 8900 .

  3. Mark Boatfield says:

    Thats what I get for being vague! AT-6666( quad 6) But I agree!

    • dd182003 says:

      HA !!!!
      Only one way out of that dilema…get the AT-6666 now cos we have it in stock and the 8900 when it arrives and compare them. Be interested in using your impressions of them in real life!

  4. dave arden says:

    I have a new maxlog m-8900 but the echo is not right on them you have no control for it or is it in side the radio I don’t no may be someone will let me no my email is

  5. dave arden says:

    maxlog m-8900 is ok I have one but the echo is not right on them if you no how to work it let me no A.S.A,P email

  6. Jerry Chapin says:

    How about the price???

  7. Rod aka mechanic says:

    Pity the 8900 did not last in production. My copy from yeticomnz is a great rig! Runs a bit hot but a fan fixed that. Only copies (Aqurio RP-90) left are sold in Brazil and not a full version either…. short on frequencies for one.
    As for comparison with the AT-6666, the 8900 has it beat in several ways…. frequency coverage, CW mode, compact, ease of use and more. The Anytone is a good radio but not the same class as the 8900. Looking for a 8800 version 8!

    • dd182003 says:

      We can get the new version of the 8900 soon.

      • Rod aka mechanic says:

        That is great news! You’ll have to let everyone know when it is available and what any improvements are…. Mine works very good and if it stays that way then it will be good! Pics at 11?
        73 Rod aka mechanic

  8. Rod aka mechanic says:

    Just made a neat contact on both 10 meters and 12 meters with the M-8900, just a local HAM but he gave me a good report! Also listening to WWV out of Fort Collins, Colorado. This is the time standard and about 1250 miles from my QTH.
    Compared the Maxlog to my HAM transceiver and it is spot on frequency! Even sounds just about as good and the S meter compares close on! I wish they would make this rig again, who knows were it could lead? Maybe a Maxlog HF? 73 Rod aka mechanic

  9. Freelancer says:

    What’s up with the Maxlog M-8900????

  10. poikaa3 says:

    Still have my 8900, trying to make it last as I’m afraid that it will not be available for production…. I tried to get a RP-90 from Brazil but the cost is out of site to have someone buy and send me the rig! Over 380 dollars US! I saw that Aquario had them on sale for as low as $220 US but they will not sell out of Brazil…. Sale is now over….”(

  11. marty says:

    how do i get one of these radios here in australia

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