New Broad Band Amplifiers at Yeticomnz

From RM Italy we have the latest in the continuing lineup of KL Broadband amplifiers. From 3-30mhz these “Work anywhere” amps have a new revamped blue and black face a slightly longer heatsink fins and best of all..Fans!!! 10w input for and easy 160w PEP on the 405v and around 300w Pep for the 505v these amps will mate well with any low power HF CB rig out there. No filtering, no remote, no protection other than reverse polarity they are as basic as it gets but reasonably priced and they work well as long as not overdriven. It is the users responsibility to add what ever filtering he deems necessary but as a basic broadband amp brick they deliver the power but only expect half what the numbers on the amp are saying. They are obviously referring to Input power not output.!!kl505v kl505kl405v kl405

The KL500 series has been with us for many years and has always performed quite well but this time RM seem to have made some nice changes to the electrical design as well. The transistor used is the MRF455 in place of the 1446 and the last lot we got in had another type of transistor which did not go down well with some of our customers. There appears to be a little more work gone into to this Release 6 of the KL500.kl505 ver 6 KL505 close up kl505v main board

It has always been solid, but now it is solid and cool! The KL505V is an effective 300w add on and the little brother KL405V is an easy 150w with a smaller footprint.

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2 Responses to New Broad Band Amplifiers at Yeticomnz

  1. Cees says:

    Hi There. don’t know if someone here wil come read and answer to my comment.
    My question is : saw this topic searching for an schematic and components list of this kl-505 so i ‘ll try to ask here for it, maybe some can help me to get a copy of it.
    Tnx in advance.

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