New 10m Export Radios at Yeticomnz

The AT-6666 arrived in NZ this week and Mike has had it on the bench for a few days.
Typically Anytone it is soundly constructed and works OK.
TYpically Anytone it also shares the same type of operating system as the AT-5555.
It works OK and from all reports it is a little better than the first of the Lincoln 2 that were released.
It is not the successor to the AT-5555, that is being taken over by the AT-5555N that is also due for release soon. Mike reports the SSB audio volume is a little light…be prepared to crank the the volume well to the right and the SSB Transmit audio is much the same as the others in the Stable, but hampered by the microphone they have chosen. Every other microphone we tried was better. Louder, punchier fuller audio. Room for some improvement here. The design is small but it incorporates 4 1310 transistors in the final package, configured as a pre driver, Driver and a dual final. Plenty of SSB power available in excess of the 50-60w PEP it comes with standard. Makes for good headroom. With the small built in (VHF style) heatsink one would think it should get a little warm without a fan but it seems earlier heat problems have been resolved. Receive is fine, nothing scary to mention. Anytone have not really changed too much here from the AT-5555,much the same with a bit more power in a smaller package. Is it a Lincoln 2 killer? Probably not, but a pretty good deal for the price none the less. I like the fact you can get rid of the channel readout and just see the frequency which the Lincoln so far doesn’t let you do. It doesn’t have a 5kz step but I guess you can program the freeband in 5khz steps which you can’t do with the Lincoln. I still feel the Stryker 955 is the best of this type of radio so far but it does come at a much higher price.

Hot on its heels we have the ver 8 of the Maxlog 8800 we reviewed about a year ago. I have not received them here yet but we did have some released in the USA and they were well received. A lot of changes over the version 6 we had. The software has been revamped as well. 80 channels per band now and down to 24.5mhz. They should be in NZ early next week for sale. Expect to retail between US$250 and US$300. The M8800’s looks don’t suit everybody but as a radio it performs very well. 40w out of the box. Maxlog has also been getting a lot of good help from the USA in the design and manufacture of their radios. I expect to see that this will improve the product above what we are currently seeing from the present Chinese manufactured Export CB SSB radios. We may yet see a proper vfo controlled 10m radio on the shelves.
For the time being I will just copy the reports from an American user.
“Dave can’t be the same as the first one I had, it’s like night and day, the second one does almost 50 watts on AM fully modulated and on SSB with a loud audio.”
“Compared to the original MaxLog I had the only thing the same is the way the face looks, everything else would make a guy like me think someone copied the original one and made a real radio. Recieve is better than the grant, audio is nice mid range to a bit of treble, inside clean as anything on the market, it’s like having a vfo not just a channel changer. Any radio that I can control the output and mic gain without opening it up it Tits to me. I have to say so far I love it ”
“was getting ready to go to bed heard a guy in PA he’s 55 miles straight line I just looked it up said I was hitting him with a 3 to 5 and fantastic audio, Like I said the only thing the same is the way it looks compared to my first one, this new version 8 is GREAT”
“Side by side I say I like the 8800 a bit better(Than the AT-5555), yes first thing I did was crank up the mic gain but all the way up is too much with the stock mic which is a nice feature. The menu lets you do a lot of things I’ll attach a few pic, that guy in Doyalstown PA that I talked to last night said he hears me all the time but that was the first time I heard him ever so the receive is very good”
“Back on the 8800 let me tell ya this is twice the radio the Grant is, no bullshit. The 8800 can go anywhere on any of the 3 bands the grant can’t do that, the receive is better in the 8800 by a long shot.”

Well…I think he likes the radio….

Can’t wait for mine to get here so I can sus out the programming. Other than putting in the 80 frequencies per band (4 bands) most of the functions can be accessed from the front panel.

More latter…..Thanks Tom for your comments!

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One Response to New 10m Export Radios at Yeticomnz

  1. Daniel with trujillo says:

    I recently had quite a few nice radio’s and would l ike to o wn a maxl.oc8800 but being disabled my income prevents me to buy one out rite

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