Waiting for the band to open

Waiting for the band to open

Morning view 202AT/0

Morning view 202AT/0


TX on 520 or 530 and RX up 10/15/20  khz. Omni antenna and 100w. QSL Manager 1AT070

Statistics after the 2nd day with the weekend yet to run: 487 contacts
AT’s 171, SD’s 107, 1 div 70, 14 div 140, 13 div 24, 26 div 35, 161 div 35, 108 div 10, 47 div 12, 43 div 18, 29 div 12,  38 div worked in total

Statistics after Saturday.
AT’s 262, SD’s 149, DX’s 29, RC’s 22
Divisions: 14 245, 1 127, 161 44, 26 39,
Divisions worked to date 51,
Total log entries 758 but there are doubles in there.

One more day to go….

Final Stats.
Calls worked including doubles: 921
AT calls: 322
SD calls: 182
DX calls: 30
RC calls: 23
ET calls: 21
HF calls: 17
LR calls: 16

1 : 171
14 : 311
13 : 43
26 : 43
30 : 38
19: 35
43 : 28

202AT/0 working conditions

202AT/0 working conditions

202AT/0 working conditions:
Yeticomnz Optima Transceiver.
BHI NES10-2MK3 DSP speaker
Palomar 450 FET Amplifier 200-300w PEP
Inverted V Dipole antenna
30′ Fibreglass telescopic push up pole
2ea 30A meanwell Switch mode PSU’s
Kenwood HS-6 Headphones. (Wear them all day!)
25m run of RG8X solid core cable.

Comments. Speaker worked well reducing noise, but fed back into the headphones so did not use with the headphones on. Used the filter on the Optima most of the time with the headphones as definitely improved the S/N ratio letting me work the weak ones. Did not need the noise blanker most of the time. Suffered intermittent power failures throughout Saturday afternoon. Food in the hotel was fine.

The flight into Paro is rather interesting especially the landing. There will be videos on utube. Watch them! I was in the cockpit for the journey into Paro and it was quite un nerving.

We walked up to this old monastery on the side of a cliff:

Tigers nest Monastry, Paro

Tigers nest Monastry, Paro

In Summation: Bhutan is a unique country with a unique heritage and they are doing their best to maintain this exclusivity thru restricting tourism. It costs a lot of money to visit Bhutan but you will be looked after well. The place is clean and well maintained. The mobile phone system works well but you will need to buy a local SIM card and make sure data is enabled. Most of the hotels had WIFI available. Nobody seemed put out by the antenna or the radio. One hotel even had 2 ham radios set up in a room!! Unfortunately the antenna left a lot to be desired. We travelled from West to East accross the country and it changed from Semi arid pine forrest in the West to a more tropical type broadleaf forrest in the East with much steeper valleys. We got no rain at all but several days of snowfall above 2500m. Some of the passes were over 3,000m and they had snow and ice but the roads remained open. Constant work was being done on the roads which were on the whole quite good. New smooth bitumen on a descent for a bicycle is a godsend and we had several most enjoyable down hill rides. It was winter and quite cold, but all hotels had sufficient heating, hot water and bedding. A lot of Bhutanese study abroad either India or the USA so it is surprising no locals have ever been heard on CB radio.

Radio conditions were quite good and Bhutan seems quite well located for DX. I worked 53 countries and almost 1,000 contacts in the 5 days I was operating with 200w and a simple inverted V antenna. Atmospheric noise, OTHR, and Asian FM were the only problems. Noise levels were low so was able to work anything I could hear quite easily. heard several 4 division stations but was not able to make contact. Would have been nice to have them in the log as well. Also 173 division was not heard. Highlights for me were 167, 351, 307, 306 and 12 as new ones for me. Unfortunately no 2,9, 33 or 10 division were worked. 302 was heard but unable to get back. 203 was on but he could just hear me but I had nothing from him. 153 division was in almost 24 hours a day! Thanks for the help from 153AT063 in keeping me informed and amused and reminding me to call and correcting the various mistakes I would make while calling. Hope you will join me in 237 division.

Confirming contacts…I used a couple of methods of deciding whether a station had really heard me or was blind calling. If I let go the PTT and he was talking then I would push for a repeat the signal I had given them before entering in the log. If they came back smartly and seemed to be following the gist of the conversation by giving me my report then. If I requested them to repeat the report I gave them and they did not then I scratched them off the log. Especially if they did not seem to be following the general lines of the ‘on air’ conversation. One has to draw a line in the sand somewhere. Apologies to those that this was unfairly applied to. Because of the cost in staying in Bhutan to operate (in excess of US$250 per day) I may not be back for a while!!! Their is talk in bhutan politics of reducing the tarrif for tourists but the word is that it will increase not decrease.

Bottom line is ; if you can stomach the cost you will have a great holiday in Bhutan. It is truly a unique and wonderful country to visit. An oasis nestled between the two largest populations in the world.
And that’s it from Captain Haddock in Calcutta…heading back to the tropics and home!!!

The yeticom private jet!

The yeticom private jet!

Bhutan Himalayas There is an airport down there somewhere The airportYes that is the Paro Airport in Bhutan below…

yeticomnz corporate jet 202at0 at the controlsMade it on to the black stuff….Phew!
Airport security Cold knees

Remember Tin Tin in Tibet…? Airport Secuirity. Everybody wears the traditional Goh in BhutanCaptain haddockA Selfie By Captain Haddock from the main street of Paro!!!

About David Donaldson

64 and Live in Jakarta, Indonesia. like to ride my bikes.
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110 Responses to 202AT/0 IS ACTIVE

  1. 14ET073 Thierry says:

    Thank for great activation !!!!! I not sure in the log because only 4/1 and big qsb and qrm in my mobile/mobile station.
    Best 73’s

  2. Simon says:

    your doing great Job Dave & have had Very good conditions to EU
    I expect a very big pileup over the Weekend also.
    Thanks for ITL

  3. Nice activity.
    Here the signals all time between 5/1 to 5/7 during 5h.
    A big pleasure to contact on the first heure of the DX
    Pepe 30 AT 252

  4. Alain says:

    Hi Dave

    You are doing a great activation. Yesterday its whas not so good to copy you here in Belgium. Becausse there whas a stupid station 19LV001 that still whas calling on 530 and made contacts on 530 . Butt today i made urly in the morning contact with you . Its whas a pleasure to hear you call my callsign back . For me its not so easy to made contacts like this activation becausse i using only simple small QRP station CRE8900 20 watts and vertical Imax 2000 only 5 from the ground no amplifiere. Thanks for ITL Dave and 73s and good dx for the rest of the activation from 16RS141 Alain

  5. Peter says:

    Great activation!! Heard the station today but you did not hear me. Hope I can work 202AT/0 before it ends.
    143AT106. Peter

  6. andre says:

    very nice activatie dave copy all the time r5 s9 on the noord east part of thailand and happy make the contact new prefix .73 153 da 012 andre

  7. Yoann says:

    Hello Dave big thank for nice QSO with you the first day 06/02/2014 (NEW ONE) for me, Many station in your LOG this week end good luck, 14AT047 Yoann

  8. Merry says:

    Hi Dave, tnx for the QSO, you was 5/7-9 here yesterday and tnx also for the new one, good luck this week-end with big pill-up
    best regards from 14DX079 Merry

  9. Ghyslaine says:

    Hello Dave, Many thanks for the beautifull contact and new one AT 07/02/14 – Very pleasure – Very good job – Thanks for the photos – I’m the mother’s Yoann 14 AT 047 héhhéh – Good luck with my best 88 – 14 AT 071 Ghyslaine

  10. 14gt078 fabrice says:

    Great activation!!
    Many thank for this good job,I listen you 5/5 in my mobile station ,but I am not sure I am in the log because a lot of people calling on the frequency of émition same.
    I wish you much spread for the rest of your activation
    Fabrice14 GT078
    Best 73′s

  11. 14DX010 Olivier says:

    Hi Dave, strong QRM hope is good for me 😉 14DX010 Olivier just contact now with strong QRM here with WX 😦 73’s

  12. Oliver says:

    Hi Dave, This time i get you on a very wonderfull DXCC. New one and new one in AT. You were 59+5 here with much QSB, but did not get the last passage, what you said me, because s9 QRM from BPL here in this direction, and your sig. was covered by QRM. Nothing on the other but s9 on 202 in South east France! At least on of the 2 expes contacted. Nice dxpedition for you and good trip. Olivier 14AT456

  13. 13SD180 Nico says:

    Hi! Thanks for NewOne Dave! WKT with 100W and dipole at the balcony .. WOW! Have a nice PileUp! THX!

  14. 13DX011 Finn says:

    Very nice Activasion Dave, i worked you 06.02 at 8:23 UTC with strong QRM. please confirm the contact you gave me 5/5 and i gave you 5/7. Best regards 73de Finn

  15. Ludo says:

    Hi Dave , Congrats for the activity , well operated and nice propagation , thanks for ITL the 1st day
    Regards 14DX461 Ludo

  16. 14AT146 françois says:

    73 dave, congratulation and thanks for this dxcc, i contact you this day 8.02 at 11.07 utc but strong QRM! please comfirm you give me 3/1and In the log, best 73s dave,
    14AT146 françois

  17. New one…….. tnx !!!!!!!! 73’s de 1at341 From Sicily Isl.

  18. 14VC064 Romain says:

    New One for me, thanks for the nice activation

  19. 3DA012 Roger says:

    Hi Dave,guy’s form 43 and 153 div said i’m in the log but didn’t know if you heard my R/Report .
    Anyway i got a lot of fun .TNX

  20. Andy says:

    Dave,,, Your doing a great Job there, keep off the Yak,s milk it gets you Horny !! er apparently lol take care and thanks for the new AT prefix, ,, Any chance of Nepal on the way home ?? 73,s Andy 26AT026.

  21. tnx Dave for the qso,
    I think , the 1st station from WI ,
    best 73s & good DXing with propagation

    Patrice 136FR101

  22. Christophe DX049 says:

    Big tnx for contact , i’m /Portable little conditions TS-480 HX (230w) and Skypper , 3/2 is good !!!
    Congrat for job ,202 div is Most wanteed ….
    14DX049 Christophe

  23. 30AT092 says:

    Hello Dave, finally i´ve worked you between QRMers, splatter, and the police saying “frecuency in use” all the time, it is one of the most hard DX making for me, I was EX-30AT->202, it´s nice to have contacted 202 division since i desire it a lot of time ago. Thanks for new one country and for your patience. 73´s! and and I hope you will come back with a lot of QSO´s in your log!!!

  24. Nico 13SD180 says:

    Hello again Dave! Will there be the log online in some days? Hope to see my call inside the log HiHi. 🙂 . 73 de Nico 13SD180

  25. Laurent675 says:

    Hi Dave ,
    Tks for QSO and congratulations for the good job with pile-up ! An email is on your DD gmail box hope you saw it .
    73’s see you on the next Dx’pedition….

  26. 153AT063 says:

    5/9 to +20db over 90% of the activation (only 3,300 km north east of me).

    It was a real pleasure to listen to, and the 11m community extends a big thank you for you time, energy, funding and patience during the best activation, I have heard this cycle.

  27. 30IR046 David says:

    New One for me!, Thanks for the nice activation!

  28. Peter says:

    Hi Dave.
    Tnx for New One, Great activation.
    Greetings from Eire.

    73’s de Peter 29AT118

  29. Jan says:

    Dear Dave, many thanks for your great activity, thanks for the *new one* it was a big pleasure to hear you every day from morning till evening with huge signal plus 20 db
    Best regards from Jan 153SD777

  30. Sylwester says:

    Hi Dave
    Very good job activation. Best audibility of the last activation. You can write to me at the email 161sd117 (at) wp.pl. I have a personal question.
    Congratulations and the next DX.
    Thank you and best regards

  31. 19DX056 Twan says:

    Hello Dave thanks for this fantastic new one in ATwil be verry hard to beat 202AT/0 as the expedition od 2014 cangrats again de 19DX056 Twan

  32. ERIC says:

    Hello Dave thanks for activity good job ITL 5/5 North France dept 62
    Thanks bests 73 14HF062 ERIC

  33. Sven says:

    Finally …,

    i could not work u in any of ur Expeditions before … wasnt lucky with 238 or 341 … but this time it was more important to get you from Bhutan :-). Thanks for your trip to this rare DXCC for us all. You did a great job all days Dave, my compliments, glad to made the Log with 30Watts 🙂

    Thanks again for this great new DXCC

    73 Sven 13AT013 … ex #113


  34. 14IR043 Alain says:

    Great job Dave, greeting from France

  35. Pascal"14hf056" says:

    Hello Dave,thank you for the in the log and radio report.
    You are great radio dx”ers and operator.

  36. 19CT098 Gene says:

    Hello Dave,

    Thanks for the very good activation, you handled it all very well. I am surprised you did not list how many you’ve worked from 19 division as i always thought 19 division had many operators?
    Will the log be online?

  37. 161AT482 Slawek says:

    tnx Dave ITL, good job 73’s

  38. 47PL122Arne says:

    Hi Dave Thanks for nice dx saturday you was up to 9++.I well ask you is that posible to received postcard from 202div.


  39. marcin says:

    Thx Dave new one;) 73
    See you soon on the air

  40. 18SD105 THEO says:

    Hello Dave, many thanks for your great activity 202 div..73s by 18sd105 theo

  41. Daniel says:

    Congratulation for super activetion and thank you for loged. Vy 73s from 161SD171

  42. allan says:

    Hi, great activation! You repeated my call sign OK and gave me a 5/3, but am not sure if you heard me give a roger and thank you.
    Could you check if I’ m 100% in the log please.
    Friday 10.44, 108sd310 Allan, thanks

  43. 14at962 says:

    73 dave, congratulation and thanks for this dxcc, i contact you this day 8.02 10h55 local but strong QRM! please comfirm you give me 3/1and In the log, best 73s dave,14at962

  44. Chris says:

    Hi Dave ! As usual, you did an amazing event for the community and for sure, lots of us are more than happy to got finally this rare 1 in their wkd counter ! Good to read, that there is maybe also a chance to listen out for you in the future from 86Div., too. Was really nice to get 202Div. again after long time here. ( 202DR/0 in the past in my pocket ) Stay safe & 73s from Chris aka 35SD002

  45. Frank says:

    HI Dave,
    great activation, thanks for contact 5/7 here for new one.
    73 Frank 13TW227

  46. Great activation but very bad qrm /splatter from Europe this side at times you were 5/5-0 here when you heard my call so hope i made it 100% ITL ?.
    73`s rich 26SD035

  47. 30SD417 Manu says:

    Hi Dave .
    Congratulations for great activation.
    i contact you this day 7.02.14 10h04gmt but strong QRM! please comfirm you give me 5/1and In the log.


  48. 30SD041 Manu says:

    Hi Dave .
    Congratulations for great activation.
    i contact you this day 7.02.14 10h04gmt but strong QRM! please comfirm you give me 5/1and In the log.


  49. 30SD041 MANU says:

    Hi Dave
    Congratulation for the activation.
    i contact you this day 7.02.14 10h05 local but heavy qrm please comfirm you give me 3/1and In the log.



  50. 30SD041 MANU says:

    Hi Dave
    excelent job and cangratulations for the activity
    i contact you this day 7.02.14 10h05 gmt but strong QRM! please comfirm you give me 3/1and In the log, 73s


  51. 14IR043 Alain says:

    Hi Dave, great job ;~)

    73’s from 043 Alain

  52. Hi Mr. Dave, congratulations by the two major activation (202AT / 0, 341AT/DX).
    Unfortunately unable to receive.
    At last I heard several stations in Brazil trying to make contact and with great difficulty!
    Know your preference for dipole wire antenna, but there is also wire antennas with gain a little better, and with very good reception and low noise with delta loop or cubic quad!
    Maybe a little better the antenna can meet the Americas stations, or more distant stations, decentralizing the contacts with Europe!
    Best 73 and good activations, hope to meet you soon!
    3ET116 – Thiago.

    • dd182003 says:

      If we repeat the activation we will try a quad loop but the main point is to have omni coverage first for all stations while we work out where and when the skip is comong from. Then we can go directional with a skyper.I think 5 or 6 Brazilian stations were worked and 2 in Uraguay

  53. 1AT220 says:


  54. Daniel says:

    Hello Dave.

    Nice work that these two activations (341 & 202).
    For cons, I’m not knew to be in the log, because a lot of QRM will it be possible for me to confirm.

    thank you in advance


    Daniel 14AT728

  55. dd182003 says:

    You are in the log my friend

    • Daniel says:

      Hello dave.

      Thank you for your quick response. Thanks to you, I’m really happy for this new one.
      Sincerely – 73’s

      14AT728 Daniel

  56. Simon says:

    Many many tnx for info dear!

  57. Olivier says:

    hi Dave,
    Just would like if it’s possible for example like the 197 or other expes to have log online via also for example Scandinavia AT site. Just for all to check the log ourselves and make contact again if we are not Inside.
    I see i think too much people asking if they are in the log, and you are obliged to answer each time.
    I’ve heard my call and report so i’m sure to be in, but i made a contact with Sal on 102, was sure to heard my call and 59 but i’m not in the 102/ku002 log…
    a bit boring to discover we are not in the log when the expe is finished.
    Don’t like to ask if i’m in the log because normaly a contact is a 2 way contact. Asking and saying it’s not sure to be in the log mean that people don’t ear correctly their report an call so contact is not valid.
    Thanks Dave and see you in all DXCC you will be, thanks for all dxpeditions
    Olivier 14AT456

  58. Sergio says:

    Please, if possible, tell us the days you are going to be on the air.


  59. JORGE LOPES says:

    Hi Dave, how can i check the log ?
    Jorge 3AT068.

  60. menno 19AT032 says:

    Howdy dave , Great DXCC ofcourse and love your story… Thank you.
    RX 5/5 TX 5/7 into the mobile on top of the dijk , ITL the very last afternoon of your actavation , sitting on top of the dijk close by the city Hoorn NH. We have spoken before.
    Regards ,
    menno 19AT032 / mobile
    QSl,M 207AT364

  61. Gracias Dave.
    Realy thanks for the 202AT/0 ON AIR

  62. Manny says:

    Hi Dave
    excelent job and congratulation and thanks for this dxcc,
    i contact you this day 7.02.14 11h17 utc but strong QRM! please confirm you give me 5/1and In the log, 73s
    Best regards from Germany – Manny 13at052

  63. Ger says:

    Hello Dave
    Many thanks Dave for the nice activity from 202 Div.

    73/s from Holland 19LR001 Ger

  64. 178sd111-andy says:

    hi dave
    heard u 5/3 on my Handheld Albrecht while i was 35/178sd111
    congrats for your activations!!

    c u on air
    73’s andy178sd111

  65. Pingback: Need suggestions on a radio... AM/SSB - Page 7

  66. Hi Dave,
    Congratulations for nice activation in 202 division, last contact was in 2001 by DR group ! Thank’s for photography of this most wanted DXCC. Your report 5/5 in SE France.
    73,s from Bruno 14AT038

  67. Yoann says:

    Hello Dave, i hope to listen soon 86AT… because i have never contacted Nepal on 11 meter band, best 73 14AT047 Yoann

  68. Alex says:

    Hello Dave!
    I receive from you “in the log”. All is ok?
    Alex 50AT107

  69. Richard says:

    Hi Dave,
    A most brilliant activation, and Bhutan looks a truly beautiful country.
    Also a great advert for the Optima radio. (I happen to have one!)
    I look forward to some you tube clips. Could you post the links please?
    Richard. 26CT986

    • dd182003 says:

      Did not really take too many videos except for the arrival into Paro…
      You can see it here from the cockpit of the Yeticomnz corporate Jet.

      • Richard says:

        That landing was just stunning. Your so lucky to be in the cockpit and thanks for filming and sharing it with us all.

  70. luc says:

    Hello Dave
    Can say yourselves to me if we sum(dream) well in the log 202at / 0
    Because not finds the log
    14at518 / 14at615
    73 / Luc and louis

  71. dd182003 says:

    What day did you work 202AT/0?

  72. stefano says:

    great activity..nice to have worked you..hope to work you from another place!!!! 73 de steve 1at782

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