I have recently been in contact with various 11m world wide DX Luminaries since working some DX from 341 division. It was quite confusing and difficult to sort out the mess when the band was open to Europe. Actually there are a few good guidelines in place re working pileups and I will working with them in future. Here they are are:

Rule number one is the “QRZ Rule”. This rule is probably the most important rule for pile up management. Do not respond to any station no matter how loud unless they call after we say QRZ. By not following this rule, all stations will call at any time during the QSO which prevents the original QSO from being completed in a timely manner. No incentive for stations to stand by if the operator is taking calls “willy nilly.” 

2nd Rule is to work Split. I feel sorry for the many stations out there that can not work split on their particular CB radios but when there is pile up conditions Split is the only way to operate to prevent unnecessary interference. It won’t all be split but as soon as a few stations are calling then straight to split. If you want to be a DXer you better get a radio with split. All the antone derivative radios can be programmed for split from the computer and also by making the clarifier TX only. You will sort it out. Includes the cre 8900, maxlog 8800, anytone at-5555 and the clones…new lincoln 2, Optima (of course) and any ham rig with 2 vfo’s. 

3rd rule is “Proof of Contact” A lot of blind callers out there. DX station has to give you a report and you have to repeat it correctly. Then you are in the log. 

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  1. Soren says:

    Good luck 🙂 And take care! Greetings Soren

  2. Geoff 117 says:

    yes good luck, lets hope propagation is with you , Geoff 117

  3. Simon says:

    Thanks For Contact Dave
    What a pile up you got on the fist day.
    Keep up the Great work.


  4. Roy 104ET001 says:

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the “new one” your efforts are greatly appreciated from this rare division.
    73’s from Roy & Syl

  5. Richard says:

    Dave, thanks for your patience today. Its made my year to get through and really appreciate your hard work in setting this rare DX’pedition. I hope it all runs smoothly for you. Best Richard

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