Preparing for 202

Optima MK2 February 2012 production

Optima MK2 February 2012 production

It is rumoured there will be an operator in 202 division some time in February 2014. Cluster DK and Grupo Alpha Tango will have the details when it happens so keep watching and listening. They will be using the Optima and operating split as required. Frequencies expected to be within 100khz either side of triple 5. It will be over a weekend, but all depends on the equipment arriving intact from India in time. Very basic, very simple antenna, but hopefully the Thunder Dragon Gods will be on their side to help promote this beautiful country on the airwaves for all to participate and enjoy.
Lets hope the propagation is favourable and the pile ups are orderly and the operator speaks good English and can remain cool calm and collected throughout.
Fingers beam is pointed that way already. The nearby Asian DX stations like 153AT063, 153SD777, etc Stuart in Southern India and the big guns from 43 and 91 div should be the first the break the news of activity.

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