Worth Another Rant !!!

The clamp down on CB has now spread to the US. I have heard the FCC has written violation letters to some CB operators in the US with regard to them operating out of band. The plague is spreading….

  1. M says:

    Freebanders are not breaking any laws, they are only breaking acts and statutes of a private corporation known as the ACMA, and therefore they have no legal rights over you or anyone. The only card they hold is bluff.http://abr.business.gov.au/SearchByAbn.aspx?abn=55386169386
    Same with all local, state and even federal ‘governments’, policehttp://abr.business.gov.au/SearchByAbn.aspx?abn=63446481493 , etc etc. They are all registered businesses. Search yourself on the ABN lookup. They themselves are all in violation of our real Constitution, not the re-written and amended versions since the Illegal ‘Australia Act’ was passed without referendum in the 80′s. Why are we ruled by corporations?

  2. dd182003 says:

    That is an interesting view point. I hope it means I can now fire up my 5kw monster on ch35 lsb and drown out all of Sydney with my views on which way the cow should eat cabbage. Or is CB governed by laws? I always thought there were quite definite and enforceable rules as to which part of the band spectrum private unlicenced citizens were allowed to use radio equipment on. ie Transmit. The excuse has always been that out of band operation will interfere with other users somewhere else….I wonder if M’s arguments will hold up in a court of law in Australia. ?
    Frankly speaking I don’t think it would bother anybody if a country decided to allow it’s citizens to use the band segment between 27.405 and 27.855 mhz. or for that matter part of the 26mhz spectrum. But there are lobbiest out there with powerful connections and loud voices. If you want to talk on the radio over seas become a HAM !! So we can control and tax you. The govt makes no money from CB other than fines and disposal of seized equipment. Does quite well out of ham licencing fees I guess? Probably loses money!! Australian wages being far too high for the work done. For years in the down cycle freebanders were left alone….Now when conditions are back and everybody is having some fun bringing the world together, (some will argue that!) using radio in the purist sense, like radio was when it was just starting..everybody was free to make and do and operate pretty much as they wanted. Regulation ruined the hobby. To my mind the the freebanders represent the true purists of the radio hobby. The true amateurs of the hobby. Working with limited equipment (and frequently limited knowledge) they push the boundaries with basic CB sets on the CB bands and the freeband. Hams should realize they need the freebanders because when 11m goes dead many of those folks will migrate down the band and become regular old licenced ham operators and help keep regulated amateur radio alive. The height of the sun spots is the spawning season for Ham radio. Without the influx of CB operators joining the ham fraternity the hobby would have died years ago. And they know it. !!! That’s why they did away with the morse code requirement. That’s why they made a new entry level requirements a little more than being able to write your name and address on the top of the page….Ham radio is dead and will die with out CB operators to fill the ranks.
    So they better fuck off and leave us alone because they are cutting their own throats.

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