Huracan Mk2

Huracan Mk2

Huracan Mk2
We still have our fingers crossed for this one!

been doing some follow up…
The dream wish…4 ea irf520’s in the final for 100w output on SSB. Internal and external fans for cooling.
If Shift ring outside the clarifier
Adjustable AGC off , slow , fast
Noise blanker Off/On option
VFO A/B option as the easiest way of gaining split operation
Probably drop the clarifier functions to RX only
keep the beep..don’t use it if you don’t like it.
Electret mic
Switches will need to be up down in order to get them all in.
Drop at least one digit from the read out which will be a true frequency readout not a display.

prototype in Jan 2014?

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21 Responses to Huracan Mk2

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  2. There must be a santa !
    Thats Great news !

    • MIKEY says:


      • dd182003 says:

        Two ways to look at that Mikey…Some folks will wait regardless…just to see what the others bring out and the public response to it. some may say wait till the others release and then bring out something different, or promises to resolve the issues raised with the other radios on the market. The fact that the promised radios are taking so long to come to market indicate to me that something is amiss somewhere. And I don’t think it is in the radios themselves but somewhere else. I will let you in on a little dirty secret here…The FCC through it’s govt connections have gone to the source of the freeband problem…the radio manufacturers them selves. They are bringing pressure on the manufacturers that if they continue to produce radios that can be modified to work out of band they will suffer trade sanctions. A 10m radio broken up in 40ch bands??? My arse. Who ever heard of 40ch on 10m? Right now Anytone is sitting back with 10,000 boards on the bench and wondering how the heck they can get out of this dilemma! How are the importers going to get around this one.?? I think it would be right to say that all new radios are going to be variations of the same anytone design that has taken over the CB radio world in the past 3 years.
        But not the Huracan 2. …I am not too concerned about the new radios coming out. They all share a common platform. the strker the lincoln the anytones and the maxlogs etc. Don’t know where magnum are going..will they jump on the anytone bandwagon or continue to work with SY in the philipines? Unfortunately SY seem to have dropped the ball with their R&D and are still dishing up the same stuff that they started with. Luckily they started with a pretty good design and product so it has stood the test of time. The magnum S series is gone. Galaxy keep flinging radios and numbers at us and don’t seem to have stabilized on a product line yet. Ranger just keep on churning out the 2950 and 2970 with slight improvements and reduced pricing. Capable radios but not much change over the years.
        The Huracan 2 will have a new board !!! New processor. but will not change much from what else is out DSP, No if Shift (Although we were told it is easy to include they never do!!) No memories because their is no more room to include the required buttons without crowding the dial. Have you ever used an AR3500? I have one on the bench now. A very capable radio but the layout and the tiny controls. No built in Memory back up. Turn the radio off over night and you are back to 26000mhz when you turn on. PITA bigtime!!
        We probably won’t be first out of the gates with the MK 2 Huracan…but we will try to be the best.

  3. dd182003 says:

    I hope we will have the complete spec by end of Feb and some production models to play with by april 2014. Production slated for June 2014. Fingers crossed!!

  4. iow2014 says:

    I agree I look forward to its release, I can’t wait. It’s nice to see a decent looking radio with an original meter and VFO over channels, I like the steps switch too. Looking forward to news on when we can get some. Expect to get some orders from the UK.

  5. Tom says:

    I’ve got my fingers crossed and ready to throw some money your way for the Huracan II now.

  6. jay g says:

    any news on this radio,, looks to be a winner,

  7. Henry says:

    dave any updates ?

  8. henry says:

    Great to hear they are still working on it…
    fingers crossed 🙂

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  10. tucker442 says:

    I am patiently waiting hope to get one soon

    • dd182003 says:

      me too…Just something different from these PC radios!

      • Yes that’s what caught my attention to, plus the old school type worked well. I’ve had many PC programmable types over the years but to see an original style coming back with these specs will be something rather nice. I’ve just ordered the optima Mk3 from NZ and is currently awaiting clearance at customs, another one that comes exceptionally highly rated, looking forward to using that in anger lol. Really looking forward to the Huracan Mk2 which sounds like it could become one of those all time classic radios that most will want to own in their DXing time. 73’s.

  11. henry says:

    Hello Dave !

    Any hopes for these ?
    I just keep returning to the looks !

    73s Henry

    • dd182003 says:

      Nothing Mate but I still have some of the mk1 but not too stable. You will have to tweak them to get the best out of them.

    • dd182003 says:

      The blue displys tend to lose lines after a while as well.

      • Hello Dave.

        Thanks for your time.
        I would really (pritty please)…
        Like a cb set with a true vfo ..a s-meter and split function..
        Just so hoping at a certain point “you” can make thungs happen.
        Regaeding..stability..that mafe me think..perhaps a external txco could be provided ? …maybe there are other options to “add” as a option?

        Realising …its difficult to fight against some cb users…though i believe there is a group who is interested in “pro” dxing gear …

        Hoping the solution will come…keep up the good work !

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