Cre 8900 MK3



We received a shipment of Cre 8900 in the day. These ones came in a blue box instead of green and the manual was blue instead of green also. Paper was slightly thiner! As far as the radio goes it looks exactly like the first ones.

Nothing to distinguish it at all. No identifying marks on the circuit board or the outside of the radio. Software didn’t show anything different either but the out of the box experience did. 11m is built in now. The prior versions needed you to install the 11m frequencies from soft ware before they could be activated. now you can access 11m from the front panel. it comes in 10m mode and has 60 ch programmed per band with 5khz steps. Nice. 21 watts. PEP. I usually reset a few things with this radio as soon as I set up the software. But before you plug in the cable to the computer install the software which is a 2 stage process. Firstly expand and install current ver 3.1 and let it do its thing. Then go to the start button and and go to the main program folder in programs. open it and you will find several options for installing the prolic driver for your type of windows. This is step 2. Once you have done this reboot (always best) and when windows is up and running plug in the usb cable.


In the software I go ahead and disable the hi SWR function and set the alarm to the max which is 20 to one. In the past with just about all these anytone AT-5555 derived radios radios you would get random false Hi SWR readings on SSB and the radio would squeal, stop transmitting and SHI would appear on the screen. The mic gain is preset at 31 which is a little low and I routinely crank it up to between 56 and 60 which works for me. PEP Power out remains the same but the audio is punchy and clear. Some say trebly….but clear and punchy is good. I would tend to describe it as mid range. Always get good reports. The + 10khz switch now goes up 10khz instead of 20khz in the old models. So very little seems to have changed. But then it was a pretty complete unit when it first came out and for the size and capability it is still on its own. Receive doesn’t seem to have changed much and it still overloads a little with strong SSB signals but nothing a reduction of the rf gain doesn’t fix. it is well built and a solid stable performer. It is worth the premium you have to fork out for it.


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