WTF is Going on these days???

Well “bugger all” and that’s what I am going to write about….

Where are all these new radios that were hyped up for release this year..The lincoln 2, the AT-6666, the Maxlog 8900 ??



Has something happened all of a sudden to the factories that produce these radios? One minute the web is awash with news about these new offerings for the “10m” fraternity …nod nod wink wink…but now the factories are quiet and refusing to talk. Last comment from Anytone was they “were not sure anymore”…Maxlog say they are making revisions and upgrades, the lincoln makers I have no idea but they were shunning publicity from day one. Have AMCA and FCC got together and decided to try to stop these radios at the source? Did the big three (kenicoyasu) decide to buy the rights to produce them just to halt production. One thing is for sure and that is that the makers don’t really want to talk about it.

Magnum are no longer producing the S-9, S-6 and S-3. The S-45HP is being revamped but no news on when a release is due.

It would appear the high powered 400w rangers were a bit of a flop. Who could afford them? And the funny touch screen thing they brought out…where were they going with that? 

The Uniden 980 is a bit of a dog in reality. Just doesn’t have any power and SSB is pretty dirty on the monitor. Shame as it looks nice. Stryker’s 955 is still out there as is the cre8900 and I presume the AT-5555 variants are still being made but I have given up on them for now. Too easy to get stuck with a bunch of older models. To buy at a reasonable price the MOQ is 100. And then comes the newer improved XX model and you are stuck with 50 sets that nobody wants to buy.

I know what’s going on…they are all making Iphones. Yup…Waaay more money…a fraction of the parts and 4 times the money!!! and the orders are in the millions..not hundreds and thousands. There just ain’t any money in CB radios any more. How can Icom make and sell an IC718 for US$550.00? Yup, priced one off the shelf in Singapore last week. There is way more radio in a 718 than any CB out there today. 4 times as big, 4 times as much power, 10 times the components and complexity, and only twice the price. 

Hearing that the Optima is to be discontinued but I doubt it as the production line is still in place and still plenty available. 

The Huracan 2 is still in dreamland but they are working on a preliminary interim radio with similar specs but without the big round meter unfortunately. A new 100w PA (yeah right…maybe 70), separate counter, 24-30mhz coverage. A twin mode set…The CB side will have bands and channels and does not need the counter and the VFO mode which will have a single band 24-30mhz and multiple 0.1 to 1mhz steps instead of the bands. No memories. it will look like a Basic cobra 148/ ss3900. counter plugs in rear of set and will sit on the set or somewhere else if in the car. It will not be based on the at-5555 type of board. That will be a nice change! May or may not include the additional IF filter. That’s all we know for now. Prototypes are 60 days away. And if you believe that I got some cool running mosfet amps for ya too….

Texas star just put their prices up after quite a few years. The cost of those 2879’s is going up by the day. there was supposed to be 15,000 of the devices on the shelves but it seems they are selling quick so stock up before they are all gone and you have to use those Chinese transistors that are coming in to replace the 2879…..Like a lot of things from China..they work..but not quite as good..ya get what ya pay for. Toshiba 2879’s will soon be a thing of the past. 

If you buy your Texas Star amps from Yeticomnz; they guarantee that their texas star amps have the genuine Toshiba 2879 transistors in them. Expect to pay more.

And here endeth the rant!, 73, Dave




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13 Responses to WTF is Going on these days???

  1. jay g says:

    thanks for this, I have been wondering whats going on with all these radio’s also,,

    • MIKEY says:

      It’s a shame the new Huracan won’t have a big round meter or a built-in frequency counter,
      I have been waiting for this radio for so long.
      I emailed Eric from Magnum Radios earlier this year and he said they have plans to release a Magnum Raptor SSB version with a big round meter, built-in frequency counter and a front mounted microphone, this will be something to looking forward to, hopefully
      Magnum won’t let us down like all the other manufacturers.

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  3. President released a mashed up front photo as a result of being pissed off with me having photos of the radio. BLAMED someone else for sending them to me, when it was a man in Poland who knows them ( Piotr77 ) his user name. Was not ready, was not ready for photos and that’s why initial released photo was on an illegal frequency. I saw prototype photos with UNCOLN II on them as the L and I were too close.
    AT666 Missing in action
    M8800 now in new revision with 80w output am told, no samples to be seen
    M8900 “selling real well” I was told but cannot see anywhere any radios at all.

    Like a bus, there will be 2 or 3 released at the wrong time when everyone is skint.

    Lincoln II am told is still pencilled for release October/November

    Ask at Qixiang, they told enough outsiders in Poland it seems? I was told there sales people told others around the place about the Lincoln II and one of these told me and send me photos of the radio. ONE POSITIVE: At least they have the proper ASC diagrams now for there new range of radios

  4. dd182003 says:

    I have only seen one 8900 and that was the one you got!!!
    Some big company may be working with Maxlog to produce radios for their worldwide market.
    Higher power would be part of that deal for sure.
    Just odd everybody has clammed up at the same time!

  5. Wade says:

    Hi David. Nice blog! I have sent you an email to your gmail email account regarding our contact a few days ago from over here in Canada. If your gmail account is inactive, you can reach me at

    Also, I have posted the video of our QSO on my website at
    You can check it out by looking for your call sign under the video section. Hope all is well with you and yours in Jakarta. All the very best 73s from Canada and good dxing!!

    Wade 9AT270
    Moncton, New Brunswick

  6. AZLAN says:

    China made AT-5555 also selling as a Motocool MC7777. Too many stocks piles up in Kuala Lumpur resellers. Very difficult to convince buyers since manufacturer does not respond to customer complaints where most of the Anytone AT-5555’s SSB mode does not function as it supposed to be.
    Even China manufacturer reproducing classic model of Japanese Super Star MKII 2400, without knowing the quality of it IF stages and the annoying without frequency readout. By just adding around USD20 then it is an option to buy Optima with all the modern front panel features, plenty of final output without a risk of being cheated with fake China components. I am nearly falling victims of these China made 10 meter devices.

    East Malaysia

  7. rob shuttleworth says:

    it seem china is putting out rubbish radios, i recently purchased a cobra 148gtl from a dealer in sydney,sent back twice within 6 weeks,firstly modulation was wobbly on ssb, then it wouldnt transmit at all, so got my money back; dealer is now selling it as a used set-no o/p warranty,so much for chinese crap

  8. Hans says:

    I got a beta of the Anytone AT-6666 and tested it. I must say that I like it.

    • dd182003 says:

      Nice preview. Pity to hear it gets hot quickly. The three finals driven by a single reminds me of the styker. Small is good. May need to reduce the power to 40w to manage the heat build up or perhaps the bias needed further work.
      The type of heatsink they have does not look as though it would suit an external fan. But it certainly looks a class act. If it is built like the stryker it will be good.

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