The Eternal Quest for More Power!!

tank and relay connected

I don’t like driving my car at full bore all the time and it is never good for our electronic equipment to be run that way also…With that in mind the “Fuzz” (code name for the Amp Builder) is preparing a 5kw Amp for me to run with my little chicken boxes. It needs 200w to generate the full 5-6kw PEP it will be capable of so my 50w should have it cruising along at about 1.5kw and feeling no pain. The heart of the build is a pair of Russian GS-35B pulse radar tubes. The copper hats are the heat sink for the ceramic tubes. Air is forced up from the bottom of the tube, through the holder and directed by the red hi temp plastic cup through the heatsinks and exhausted out the top of the box. The rest of the stuff is to make sure the tubes have got enough electricity to do their job right, enough air to keep cool, enough safety stuff to switch them off should something go wrong and enough toughened aluminium between me (the operator) and the 4,000v inside the case. It is all looks quite simple really. Because of the 5kw potentially available from this “build” ( kewl term for amp!) It needed a few specialized things like vacuum capacitors to tune it with, special capacitors and resistors and a transformer the size of a small fridge and quite a lot heavier. Gumboots and rubber gloves will be the order of the day when working with this; methinks…And a separate power line from the power co to feed it. Pictures below are just of the RF deck. There is a further power housing to be built for the transformer and rectifier part. It will need to be on wheels and maybe even incorporate its own motor to move it about with!! (Joke!) the RF deck can sit on the desk. To keep things simple we will run it as a mono band 10-12m to start with.



Most of the parts were purchased on line from either the US or Russia, and as you can see the build is about to begin……


Some more bits added…

Tank Coil added

Tank Coil added

Turn counters added

Turn counters added



HI Voltage lead in and fan

HI Voltage lead in and fan

Transformation to “Real Red Neck”



The Bear's Guts

The Bear’s Guts

The Bears 's Arse

The Bears ‘s Arse

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3 Responses to The Eternal Quest for More Power!!

  1. Ed, VA3ES says:

    I sure hope your mains can handle the draw!

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