The Stryker SR-955HP



I received this radio recently along with a shipment of other radios from the US. This was the only new one, most were headed to the Yeticomnz Museum in New Plymouth. This radio has been out for a while but the list price in the US$350 range does not seem to have come down much since the radios release. As it appears to be based around the AT-5555 board with all the built in features particular to those radios…PC programmable, SWR shut down, Transmit time out, multicolour display, input voltage display etc etc, I did expect the price to come down into the mid US$200 range after a while but this has not occurred. The CB world had been waiting for sometime for stryker to release their SSB radio and it certainly was well received in the market. I can’t recall reading any negative reports about it so far. And not surprisingly; it is a very good CB radio. It is a bit unfortunate it was released around the same time that Anytone AT-5555 and the numerous derivatives were also being cheaply sold around the world and most people looking for a new CB went with them. At half the price of the stryker they offered much the same functionality with less power. Not withstanding the quality of the Stryker is head and shoulders above the rest and I guess that’s where the extra money is going. The final section is quite different, have not opened it up to see what finals are being used but I don’t think there is a pair of IRF520’s in there.
From the net I read this: “The SR-955HPC is uses four FQP13N10 mosfet transistors that produce 70+ watts PEP.” The front of the finals is encased in brass (I presume to assist cooling?) so I was unable to see the transistors or how many. Too lazy to remove the bottom covers! If there are 4 transistors in there they must be packed close together!
The SSB power from the Stryker is an easy 70w PEP and the audio is solid, unstrained, clear and bright. The power control works on AM and FM and the Mic Gain controls the SSB power out put.
The heat sink is bigger and I did not notice the heat build up that we see in the others as the power is increased above the 25w standard. The stryker is built to handle the power and does it well.

If you want to read a detailed account of how it works then go here :
Nobody does it better!
For the manuals and other data:

I will just gloss over the radio with my impressions after using it for a few days and getting used it.
Programming the thing seems to have been a problem for a lot of people. Me too. I thought the Maxlog mini usb cable would plug right in and off we would go. It plugged in alright but could not communicate. I wanted 5khz steps for the freeband and I was getting tired of turning the coarse clarifier to find the zeros. I had a cable for an AT-5555 and inserted that into the plug on the board and it fired up immediately in PC mode and downloaded the contents of the radio to the PC. I then went and changed the mid band from 27405 in 5khz steps. Surprisingly while the Anytones and the maxlog have 60 channels per band the stryker seems set on 40 only…bugger… had to go into the next band and part of 28mhz before I had all the range in 5khz steps I like. Wrote it to the radio and there it was all good.
Freeband in 5khz steps. Far out.
About the only things you need the cable for is to change the channels or fiddle with the roger beeps.
Colours..adjustable from the radio..take your pick, I went with a dimmed light blue. No +10khz switch, have to use the clarifier if you do not program them in. Clarifiers. There are 2. Course and fine. Standard inner and outer fare on an export CB. Fine can be TX or RX or Both. Course seems to be fixed RX/TX. Pity..makes it hard to work split on the fly. Will have to program the splits into the radio. Failing that you can work 5khz split from the fine clarifier if you set the range to 5khz with the function and hand book and lots of turning. Leave the coarse clarifier on the 1khz setting or else it is not of much use! The other options are 10 and 100khz.
To access the function menu from the radio you need to push and hold the function button, then keep pushing it to scroll through the menus. Changes are made by rotating the channel selector.
Band changing is a bit clunky. Move the “BAND . VFO” switch (which is cunningly concealed between the mic plugand 3 other knobs) to “BAND” and turn the CH selector up or down to change the band before returning the switch to the center position. Works but you have to think about it. The same switch when moved right puts the radio in “VFO” mode which allows you to scroll up and down in steps of 1khz, 10khz, 100khz or 1mhz. To change this step is accessed from the function button but only when switch is in “VFO” mode. If they had included a 5khz step in the VFO mode it would have solved all the programming issues for those who want to use this radio freeband. However in the VFO mode the radio could be used from 24mhz thru 30.105. I have only used it on 11m so far.
Receive is OK..I kept the RF gain backed off a little bit to decrease the white noise and the hi cut reduced it some more…you get used to it. Did not notice any AGC pumping on strong stations or any more splattering than one would normally expect from a CB radio. Neither NB or ANL seemed to do anything. (In SSB mode)
So to wrap it up…it is a great CB radio..easily one of the best to hit the market in a long time. It really is that good. Excellent package but like all good things it does come at a price. I think it is worth the money.
But as a 10m or freeband radio it does miss the mark a little bit in functionality. Needs memories and better band change and tuning step change functionality.
In summation the build quality and audio quality of this radio will carry it forwards despite it being sorely overpriced in today’s CB SSB market. In many ways the maxlog M8800 is easier to use and a hell of a lot cheaper, with most of the functionality…but…
I will still hang onto this one ….Its a keeper.

Why the CB Microphone on my 10m Transceiver?

Why the CB Microphone on my 10m Transceiver?

Add on after 2 weeks on the bench
Been using it for a couple of weeks now and have a couple of things to add…The receive is not that good on weak signals as the noise starts covering them up. The noise blanker does work well on pulse noises. Stops them dead. Might need an rx tune but compared to an Optima out of the box it doesn’t deliver. The band change continues to annoy…be better off with a dedicated button somewhere. The TX on SSB continues to delight. It does deliver, strong punchy audio. heat sink has got a bit warm after longish overs..can just hold your hand on it. a fan would fix that easily. Still way cooler than any rx75 PA I have used. It is starting to slide off the bench because of the effort to check all the frequencies I easily do with the memories in the Optima. In all fairness it would just be a matter of programming in the ones I like in one section of the band but would still need to change the mode switch. Have yet to mess with the Roger Beeps or echo or monitor. It is still a good talking radio. can’t take that away from it..just needs to work on the receive a little to make it worth the price tag they are asking. Get rid of some more of the white noise and perhaps add an IF shift to attract some extra interest. I think it is too expensive for most mainstream CB’ers and it is no amateur radio, that’s for sure. Drop the price a hundred bucks and then watch them fly out the door. If Stryker don’t then Mr Cheapy Chinaman is going to come along with something similar and beat him at his own game. Which would be a shame; for Stryker.

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7 Responses to The Stryker SR-955HP

  1. ste says:

    ive just bought a new stryker sr-955hp but from new i plugg the mic in and it tx’ing on its own..i have had 2 other mic sent from the shop i got the radio from and it still tx’ing when mic plugged in i have found a superstar 3900 mic in my room and plugged that in it works fine, so the original mic with the radio is tx’ing on its own they sent me another stryker mic thats tx’ing on its own and the 3rd mic the shop sent me is a CRE plugged that in that is tx’ing on its own,also on frequency meter there is no channel numbers at the end it looks like its a half of o and a f so i presume its a of where ch numbers should be,,im very frustrated now..please can anyone HELP….thanks
    regards ste

  2. DD0 says:

    Mr Cheapy Chinaman has already been there and its Mr Capitalist Merican who has paid Mr CC for the Radio’s .

    That board is practically exactly the same as the Voyage BR9200 AND the Maxlog M-8800 , sure it has a few nicer touches , but its practically the same board ! which come from guess where , China .
    (nothing wrong with china stuff imo , its just that this board has come from the same place , look at the schematic for this one then look at schematic for br9200 and then m8800 and cre 8900 , nearly all same , slight differences due to improvements)

  3. Will says:

    I am thinking about getting this radio and was told today that Stryker have made a few fixes to the radio my dealer is waiting on new stock but still not 100% convinced , i can get a good quality Ham box second/hand for a little more cash !!!

  4. Stacy says:

    Is the Stryker 955 ready to go when u take it out of box. Having problems with setting the frequency for channel 19

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