Shelving is being added and the radios are getting sorted…still need more shelving so we can get all the radios on display.

Some of the radios on Display

Display and equipment for sale

About David Donaldson

66 and Live in New Zealand now. Hiding from Covid 19! I like to ride my bicycles.
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3 Responses to yeticomnz

  1. Jockr says:

    Hello,i see that you have a superstar 7000,is it for sale?

    • dd182003 says:

      No, It is in the museum, good condition and works well,
      We obtained it in Germany along with a real good SS4900 and a 100w somerkamp cafe warmer.
      can send you as many pics as you need but it won’t be for sale for a while!

  2. Agie says:

    Nice Colections….

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