For some time now we have been quietly buying the odd radio and sending down to Mike to fix up and put back on the shelf….Here are some pics of a few of them…The idea is to get them hooked up and on the shelf…latest addition was a Browning 3 and a DAK X and not forgetting the Stoner of a handful in NZ. This one is serial 014, one of the early ones with the matching speaker and it does sound good. Several videos are on you tube ..

Some of the Museum …Tram 201’s, Royce 642, Centurians, Browning

DAK X getting a work over

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7 Responses to YETICOMNZ CB Base Station MUSEUM

  1. Andy Archer says:

    Got a SBE MKV base, real nice case, missing some components inside, used as donor radio, but in good outside order, $50 plus shipping and its yours Dave

  2. jeff russell says:

    I am new to ham radio. I dont know alot about it but am taking the tech test.. Id like to buy an old fashioned ham radio.. Im guessing you sell them…

    • dd182003 says:

      We collect em..we dont often sell them but if there is something specific you are after we may have it or be able to source it for you.

      • jimy mason says:

        i am home bound most of the time due to illness so a base set like a washington or something similar that is reasonbly priced would be good ty

  3. jimy mason says:

    im in nz do you have any ssb base sets for sale as i am homebound most of the time i did have a pierce simpson cheetah on base but it no longer works

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