CRE 8900

Well despite the weird name the radio seems quite good according to Mike’s early once over. The radios are is stock on the Yeticomnz web site.  Excuse the language and the brevity but Mike also got an old Browning 3 in for the museum at the same time and and things with lots of volts and valves seems to “yank Mikes crank” a bit more than a mosfet final these days…..Unabridged and unashamed….Photos to follow and he will have it up on 11m by the time he takes the photos. Bottom line..out of the box..he is impressed…if you are into FM this is your baby! Photos to follow….

Italics are mine…


The cre8900 is here and the browning mkIII
No software with 8900..only cables…stuck on 10m band grrr. (I sent him the software a few days ago!)
OK..have popped the lid on the cre…factory they are 25 wattsssb..12-13 watts
carrier am/fm …have worked out all of the internal adjustments…now 50 watts
ssb..10 carrier am/fm…the fm dev is the best i have seen on any 10m rig
adjustable to +/-6khz! set at +/-2.5khz (5khz dev)… has a internal mic
gain for am/fm (the radio has a mic gain on the menu not a front panel pot) …it
is a little talker this rig…rx is spot on…no one around as we have a storm
here today …and I dont have 11m on the 8900 as yet!….but on the signal gen
its showing all the right numbers…just need to try on air to see if it has that
agc issue the at5555 has. (had?)
As a note the inside seems similar to the new sryker SSB rig.
The down side is the inside of the rig gets real hot..not enuff heatsink where
the tx reg and audio amp chip are…it needs a bit of alloy added to sink the
heat better.. (I think the AT5555 have this trouble too when the power gets cranked up but have yet to hear of a rig dying from it.)
The upside is the clarifer does not remember the last setting for the channel..(thank goodness..what a disaster that was) if you offset the clarifier to say 28.0013..when you step up or down to the next channel its is 28.011.3..28.0213 etctetc…not like the fucked way the at5555 was…..

first impressions..i like it (more defined when i can actully talk to
some one on it!!!) 50watts after tweaking the alc is great…..only other thing
is thereis a whine when txing at any power level..any mode (including mic gain
shut off on ssb) coming frominside the rig…not really a prob but in a quite
room a little annoying after a while
Going to put lid back on and go and power up the browning now..back i a hour


So in stock US$300 std, US$320 with a tune to 50w and ready to rock and roll. Includes the cable and software will be sent by email. Plus shipping to where ever by NZ post. Faster will cost you more….

You can see some photos and a video here

More from Mike below…..Been a while since I seen him get so hyped up about a radio!

That cre lead is a dedicated lead…i tryed it on my external hd drive (same plugs)..did not work.  Has an inbuilt serial converter.
Now that static is low had alisten to it just before and yes the rx is far better than the hannover/at5555…the meter still does the dance but i think i can cure that…Skip stations seemed to like it and I find it way easier to use than the they sorted the clarifier out…You dial zero on it and all the channels are dial 1 and all the channels are one…better than that shit remember the last freq u were on shit the at5555 did
Only thing that is a little anoying and thats the controls are small..but that cant be helped…wimpy small vfo knob as you would of seen in the video my fat fingears cant get a grip lol
For the size and the power…sorry to say for me it kicks the optima off the bench for now… also loves my preamped optima mic.
Makes it chrisper to listen to..tx audio is flat with stock mic (ecm)
Smaller than optima?
No..slightly bigger..but not by much..massive heat sink on back
What is it that impresses you most?
Features…mainly..adjstable everything..and all the stuff that u only adjust once like mic gain is in a menu…sorry but the optima is old hat in that department…the diff colour displays dont do a thing for me other than setting to green which is not so harsh
And the fact you can set the bands up to what you use…the rest of the older radios are ok but i dont use 10m..12m..the freqs betewwen 26 and 27 mhz..only 30-40nz..30-40 usa and a couple of higher freqs on 27mhz..all of which i can dump in one band….ok its still a channelized rig..thats a shame but its the fact you can do what you want with out switching from one band to the next and dialling up the freq you want to go to some ways
If i designed it it would be like optima; no channel jumpes etc but have a second band that you could program in your set of freqs u most offen use
A user programmable band..from the front panel..sort of like a memory mode
And the fact its so small..ok the optima is smaller but its dated
The optima really needs 100 watts..more memories…and at least a 6th compete with this..i am not saying the cre is the last thing in 10m rigs…its not by far but its getting there only held back by the lack of true vfo and memories..everything else is there
The lack of a sizeable heat sink for the audio reg and audio amp lets it down…silly idea

Looks like you better work on beefing up that heatsink for the regulators Mike…

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2 Responses to CRE 8900

  1. Martin says:

    Would it be possible to list the internal adjustments. I intend to use this radio on 10M so a little more SSB RF muscle would be nice.

    Martin g4zxn

    • dd182003 says:

      Mike of yeticomnz knows but he is pretty cagey with some of this info. he says it takes a while to get these up to 50w as you have to go backwards and forwards a few times…texas star DX500 works for me!

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