Huracan Progress

The roll out of the mk2 huracan is still some time away due to the completely new design and retooling but since we had the new SMD board ready we decided to try a few in an interim design we will call the Huracan MK1A

Huracan mk1a front 2012

This will be a cross over radio that will suit CBers and Hams alike. The mode switch next to VFO switch will determine whether it works as a CB with 8 40ch bands and 10kc spacing. The channel indicator will also show along with the frequency counter. The picture has a single clarifier but the radio will come with a dual clarifier the outer +/- 1.2khz RX/TX and the inner +/- 600hz on RX only. The mic plug will be a 4 pin electret type.

In Ham mode we will have 8 bands of 500khz and the ability to use the VFO step selector to step in 1,5 of 100khz steps. The 2 digit  channel selector display will be inoperative in the ham mode. The counter will also track the clarifiers. Initially she will use the internally fan cooled  twin IRF 520 PA for around 45w PEP , but the option will be there to add the 4 transistor 100W PA at some stage.

Initial production will be 300 units and we expect to have them available in 60-90 days.

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One Response to Huracan Progress

  1. john says:

    can’t wait!

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