new MK2 Huracan Design

They have kept the front mounted mic format but worked getting away from the channelized features to make a rather different type of 10m radio. Unfortunately it misses the amateur radio mark a little without a split feature and memories which is a shame because the processor can do it. I think we may need to get rid of the front mounted mic and add another rotary switch for the memories and split and scan can work off that.

The panel layout above.

Note we have gone away from the 40ch band switch misery and gone instead with a rotary switch and step function to determine the frequency change. Obviously no chance of any channel readouts so this set will not be much use for CBer’s needing a channel notification. Power will be around 100w with an internal PA stage. It will be fan cooled. Mosfet finals IRF 520 4ea. Changes have also been made to the clarifier function and I have finally got my split Clarifier function I have been asking for for years. The readout shows a lot of digits…Will need to confirm function. This is early stages as it is still a concept although all the bits are there, we just need to put them all in the one box. Board is our split SMD board with the new 4 transistor PA. We expect the first production in July 2012 so not too long to wait. More details as they come to hand.

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