The Optima MK2 Technical Stuff from Mike in NZ

Mike don’t pull punches!

Clairfier has centre notch
Ok with standard mic..nasel audio (all modes)..with a m257 mic(with adaptor) sounds fine…in the stanadrd mic the orange plasitic barrier is there..have not check parts values..but sensitivity is same on all mics.
Got the ringo antenna up but swr very high (did not set the gamma up)…rx on the optima is good..a little queter than normal (hash wise)
Filter works
Works bloody well with d104….should get some of these in for our rigs..will make them nice and crisp..and bloody loud if need be
Have tried a m257 mic on far its crisper than the stock mic..and just is loud ..if not more puncher than stock due to being more mids to highs ..more top end..sounds great on the optima
Ok i can safely say ..the stock mic is junk…i tryed other mics..all ecm all 6 pin via my adaptor..and all sounded way better than stock…stock is nasel and lacking in the high tones…great for a female to want to sound more butch but bad for a male …mushy is a another word..on the other mics all clear clean (slight diffs in tone but not as bad as stock)
On both am and ssb the rig will rx down to .23 uV…which is good..very good…filter cuts signals that are 10khz away down by well over 20db……closer to the offending 5khz away only about 6db…so it has a deeper skirt to the bandpass…as its only a 2 pole filter its to be expected.
With the filter in..when on lsb a signal(interference) below your freq is Attenuated more than above your freq…and vise versa for usb..this is normal as the rig only uses one main filter for both modes (really all modes) un like separate ones for each mode as in “ham” rigs

As a note as per usual the S meter was way out..a signal 5 to me on any given day was off the set as it should be (50uV at 30 % mod 1000hz tone for “s9” on meter)
S meter still flicks backwards!
It is more senesivie than the huracan/s9 mother board..listening to states side very weak ..switching between two rigs ..8001 and optima
SQ works alot better no thump now
Looks like i fixed the meter..same electro cap cure i had for the mg 95

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64 and Live in Jakarta, Indonesia. like to ride my bikes.
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5 Responses to The Optima MK2 Technical Stuff from Mike in NZ

  1. alan says:

    So far all sounds good but has it got the punch on fm that it needed. If so will make it the best radio on the market to date.

  2. James Wasley says:

    When there is no skip locals here are on FM, so this radio is suitable for all areas, no losers only winners

  3. Janne says:

    How does the Optima Mk2 behave with Swr? Does it turn down the power above 3:1 or does it burn right away? I am going to order one soon and this is the only thing i wonder about it for now.

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