Midland 8001 XT

Midland 8001 XT

Not much to say about this radio really…single final putting out 22w SSB and FM and a 6 wattt AM carrier peaking 22W with voice. Coverage is 26-30mhz in 10 bands with the alpha channels covered by the top left button which is plus 10khz. The course clarifier easily drops down to the zeros and everything in between. Knobs seem pretty solid and everything works as it should. The board is new. No drift noticed. About as bog standard as it gets these days for a CB.

8001XT box

8001xt heatsink

8001xt PA section

8001XT mainboard

Have not had a chance to use it yet so user reports when we get some conditions.

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64 and Live in Jakarta, Indonesia. like to ride my bikes.
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17 Responses to Midland 8001 XT

  1. mario says:

    (alan 8001 xt) You made the delivery to Canada thank you.

  2. Nigel Moffat says:

    I was showing a work colleague the latest 8001Xt and we both agree that more could have been done to make this old school rig a right belter of a radio.So we got thinking.

    Ok, the radio now has a new board,better build Q and stability but if the radio is modifiable here is wot we(as keen Dxers) would have liked to have seen added to this new version.

    When changing the display to freq readout a 5Khz default step could also be engadged , the channel selector would now step up/down in 5khz and this could also eliminate the need for the 10khz function 🙂 The 10Khz button could now be changed to a 1Khz step again the channel selector steps through 1kc steps . This could also eliminate the need for the coarse tune control . Power output increased to 50w, Automatic SWR reading so no need for callibration and a tone control put in its place. Talkback and asq could replace swr and modulation functions and the classic pressision series mic should also be reinstated to compliment it.
    A scan function is long over due on this radio and would bring it up to speed with some of the other popular CB radios of today.
    For a radio that costs a wapping 270 euros i think we deserve more and if Midland were to take on board some of the above ideas I’m sure that they would have a definate winner. All in all…a cool looking radio of classic/retro design that is easy on the eye, I like it.

    • dd182003 says:

      Could not agree more Nigel.
      If a rig doesn’t have 5kc steps on it, it doesn’t stay long in front of me.
      The midland was made specific to Alan’s requirements. I think they screwed it up compared to what the board is capable of.
      The receive is typical midland..lots of white noise. The reason seems to be something to do with the FM component. By widening the bandwidth for the FM you are opening the radio to more white noise. Makes no sense to me but that is the reason we have kept the FM narrow on the Optima to keep the SSB as good as we can. Only way to improve it much more on the OPtima would be to dispense with the AM and FM entirely. Suit me because I am 100% SSb but Europe likes FM and the USA is big on AM!
      Unfortunately YeticomNZ has no sway on the midland sets and can not make any mods as they are all built under licence to Alan.
      We would have to buy them through Alan as well and if the retail at Euro 287 then the wholesale will be more than what we would be prepared to pay also. I asked about a 5khz mod for it but got turned down but I am sure it is there as the processor can work down to 10hz if I am not mistaken.
      We will use this board in the Huracan MKII Freebander…No bands continuous from 24.5 to 30mhz and the band switch will be modified to be the step switch and we will have 6 steps, 100hz, 1khz, 5khz, 10khz, 100khz, and 1 mhz. it will be designed for the hi end CB market and will not have split, scan memories etc, but it will have the CB goodies, echo, beep, talkback etc.
      120w PEP and AM/FM/SSB. It will look pretty much the same as the present Huracan should be ready in about 6 months.

      • Nigel Moffat says:

        Thanks for the reply Dave.
        The only reason I took an interest in the new 8001 is because I cut my teeth on midland CBs back in 1979 when i was only 10yr old 🙂 It would have been a nice edition to the shack reminding me of those great times that I cherrish very much… but if it looks like Midland are going to be stuck in a time warp i may not bother 😦
        I am hoping to purchase a new export this year and loved the review that(Simon) a TM1 member did on the Optima. Could you please confirm the present prices and availability for these to the UK? and also mayhaps post a sample photo of the new Hurrican for all to see??
        Kind regards and thanks in advance.
        Nigel. 26TM476, M1ZXG

      • dd182003 says:

        New web price of Optima will be US$375 inc freight ex HK. The local UK prices may be a little higher due to CE and ROHS certification costs and duties etc. They will be available locally from Toby at truckers net. Huracan will look very similar to present model but we will relocate the mic to the side as I want to separate the RF gain and squealch controls. Power out put will be around the 120W PEP mark. rgds, Dave

  3. misar says:

    This is radio why Fine adjustment turning TX shifting ? very stupid ! therefore one modification how do urgent please help ! Thanks … 73

  4. ing hector ecuador ulloa lopez says:

    Tengo un proyectoi en instalar equipos en 200 embarcaciones desearia los manuales tecnicos y de serv icio para hacer mas estudios de susz eaquipos. Gracias
    Ing hector ulloa. De guayaqui ecuador

  5. indra says:

    Berapa Rupiah harganya?

  6. fabiano says:

    esse radio, como que faz para fazer os 10 metros.

  7. Dag says:

    Any news from Huracan MK II?

    73 de 21DX14

  8. John says:

    Will this radio work on UK Frequency? if so can you tell me how i can mod it for the UK

  9. PIERRE says:


  10. marc says:

    Interested in one of these 8001 alan . memarcecker@gmail.com

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