Time to catch up

Many things have happened over the past few months… The biggest thing is the addition of the SteppIR DB18E to the array with the TET above it and at right angles to it. The TET does not do anything significantly better than the DB18E despite the dual drive and extra elements (Boom length on each is roughly the same) so as soon as I can find my antenna guy the 5 el LFA will be going back up. Wet season has arrived in Jakarta on time so he may not feel too happy about going up the tower! I would like the DB18E on top of the pole (36m) and the 5 El  LFA 8m boom (from Henri in Holland) at the base @32m. Conditions in November have been so good on 10-12m that it doesn’t really matter too much what you have up; it will get out. Some freaky long path openings to Europe at odd hours have made 10-12m an exiting place to be at all times.

OPTIMA has been sold out for a month or so now and awaiting new stocks. The Huracan has undergone a complete board change and we are waiting to see what we can do with that too. In the meantime with no radios to play with and a few spare dollars in paypal we went a little berserk on EBAY and bought up a few of the older type CB radios so we could have them down in NZ to ‘perv’ and drool over when we get bored working skip!!! yeticomNZ hopes to build a museum of sorts around them and have them wired up so they can still be used. Unfortunately the DAK X ended up in Indonesia instead of NZ so that will have to wait until I work out how to get it to Christchurch in one piece. There are Royces, Couriers, Hygains, Johnsons, Cobras, Trams, presidents, Rangers and heaps I have forgotten. Unfortunately my USA based shipper has no love of radio and as the pile of radios grew in his hallway his cries got louder and louder! Get them Stinking CB’s out a here!!! My pleas of vintage and classic and collector items went unheard. We had to move them or they were going into the dumpster. But I will organize another drop point in the US so we can keep ordering radios as they come up on EBAY.

Radios..I ended up with a couple of radios I had always wanted to try..President HR2600, Realistic HTX100, Emperor Shogun 5010, cobra 2010, Ranger 6900, AR3300, Superstar 4900 and the DAK X. Hopefully we will find some features and layouts we can use in future radios. so far have tried the AR3300..receives well but audio turned up too much so will need that looked at. Like all of the AR3X00 radios the receive is very clean and sensitive. You can say what you like but they do seem to have a nicer receive than a lot of other radios. The Shogun was OK..need to spend more time with it..Knob layout sux but has some nice features..the presidents work well no worries there..despite their age..the Ranger 6900 was a nice surprise, nice sound and receive OK too..not too much white noise, was expecting a receiver like the old 2950 but I think the 6900 is better. Still need to try the 4900 and the cobra 2010. Interested to see what the displays show. and the DAK..I will need a 110v step down transformer and the manual!

Radios lined up for size

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