Test of the Superstar SS4900

Well a big surprise when the ss4900 fired up!

Thought i had probably picked a lemon there and the boards seem OK.
Just the DC power cord has been changed…
Can not try the PS As 110v and probably best I don’t in case it stuffs up the rest of the radio if it is broke. Removed the fuse, and the DC line to the board and taped up the cord just to be sure!
So far everything seems to work! Scroll up and down the bands with the ANL switch. Have not played with any of the processor functions.
Seems to receive fine. No mic and I think one needs to be really careful as to which mic one uses so I will not go there for the time being.
Frequency is off the display by a whopping 2khz.
To rx 27555 need to be on 27553. Clarifier centered.
A little rough but over all quite pleased with it.
Step functions offers 1 khz and 10khz steps only and the step continues for the whole 40 channels spread including Alphas.
So despite the 23.8mhz to 30mhz coverage it still does it in bands of 45 channels. A lot of bands.
Any idea of what mic configuration for this radio?
It did not come with a mic so will need to wire one up sometime.
Has several strange plugs on the rear of the radio and two antenna plugs which is always nice…saves a switch.
I guess I should down load a manual!
Really surprised it works and other than the fact it is a mile off frequency it seems quite OK.


ss4900 board

ss4900 rear

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2 Responses to Test of the Superstar SS4900

  1. dajetzi says:

    Assuming you have already sorted you mic problem.
    In case you need further informations look at http://www.cbtricks.com/radios/superstar/4900b/index.htm
    also for the mic wiring.

    This radio was built by maycomand is known under some brands.
    Here in germany it is called “Stabo XF 9082” and the reworked version is called “Stabo XF 9082 Professional II”.
    Some time ago i owned such a radio. It worked very well for me without any probs, excepting burned finals. They are always powered with 12V even when the power switch is off.
    I wish i’ve never sold it.

    In some german forum this is a not beloved radio, because of some CPU failures and so on.

  2. Jesse says:

    I would love to these improved upon and back in the USA.

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