5 Element LFA Yagi

The 5 Element LFA antenna is together on the ground and will go up the tower in the next few days. Dimensions have been checked and a boom to mast support is being purchased. No tuning on these antennas, just hook the coax direct to the elements. I will be using a cal labs Balun like on the TET.

It will go up at the 34m mark and the 6 element TET emtron will be 4m above it. The mast will be replaced with schedule 40 steel with a sliding joint inside it so we will have 5m of 2″ above the last bearing. A second bearing will be added between the rotator and top of tower to keep the bending moments from the rotator.

A half wave stationmaster design vertical will top it off and all will be switched from the remote switch in the tower. We may even get lucky and get some of the 7/8′ hardline up the tower tomorrow as well.

The spacing on these antennas is very odd. very close spaced reflector to driven loop and a really wide spaced last director.

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3 Responses to 5 Element LFA Yagi

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  2. maikel says:

    i was attracted to build this antena,, but, is the all off element are connect with boom,,?

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