The TET Emtron 611

The TET went up the mast about a week ago and the propagation has been running hot on 10, 11 and 12m ever since.  Although it is just a short 6el dual driven beam on a 6m boom it does work well. Most surprising is the SWR. From 24.5 to 29.9mhz the SWR is under 1.5:1 It remains low even with the amp in line and 1kw PEP into it. I did not use the supplied balun but used a CAL-AV Labs Type EB-2 balun. Antenna is up at 34m. It does not show a lot of front to back but on 10m when the signals are as strong as they have been lately it is hard to close the back door. I am seeing 4-5 S points. When we have 59+30 signals it doesn’t do much to keep them out. But then, what will? So I guess what we have is a back window instead of a back door and everybody can pop in an say hello! Front to side is good.

Construction lets it down. Even with the short boom it is already sagging at the ends! I did not support the antenna and no boom supporting hardware was provided or alluded to in the instructions. Not to worry we will have to bring it down and will look at either adding boom support or going to a larger OD boom.

I am very happy with it. The bandwidth far exceeds what I had expected and it has no problem receiving or getting out. it suits the Optima 10-12 m radio to a tee and the ability to move easily between 10, 11 and 12 meters is very nice. For what it is and what it cost it is hard to beat. I am going to miss it when the LFA goes up that’s for sure.

The gain figures are as follows:

forward gain 7 dBd     F/B dBd

Certainly not world beaters but remember this is over a 5mhz bandspread.

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5 Responses to The TET Emtron 611

  1. Daryl Young, Jr says:

    If you’re looking for a boom support Gizmotchy Antennas make some supports for their line that might be adaptable to the TET. I just went to the site and it looks like it’s just what you need. I’d post the link here but don’t know if that’s allowed. Look at the “Extreme Gizmotchy” page and you’ll see some photos of the support in use.


    Daryl 2ZX001

  2. dd182003 says:

    Thanks Darryl but I will probably just go ahead remake it on a 2″ boom.
    I have been thinking just how good a pair of these phased would be!
    18ft apart for another 3db gain……..

    • Daryl Young, Jr. says:

      Maybe you should forget the LFA and do just that!! LOL!!


      Daryl 2ZX001

      • dd182003 says:

        The antenna guy arrived today so we will run the big coax to the remote switch and put both antennas on the tower with a vertical above them.
        Then we can see how they work! sometime in the next 2 weeks.

  3. andrew holland says:

    nice page and antenna,s dave i need you tower lol

    grts from 19al001 andrew in holland

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