New Antenna to go up

I have a couple of antennae to play with and today it was time to start to assemble one of them. A dual drive TET 6 elements on a 6m boom. Bought from TET-Emtron in Perth earlier this year. First impresions….It was well packaged, all bits in their own sealed plastic bags and well labelled and the whole lot in another big plastic bag. We did not ship it, we just delivered it to the boat in Freo and my brother brought it up for me. I don’t think Mark would ship them like this as they would need further protection. So packaging and labelling very good.

Neat tidy and well laid out

everything labelled and in its own bag

The construction is pretty light. a good point up here where we don’t get a lot of sustained heavy winds but I don’t know how it would fare in windy places. Certainly no good for ice and snow. Now, don’t get me wrong, light is good, I like light. My tower likes light. We will just have to see how long the antenna stays together. It is not so big. It seems strong…not much to it really…. Boom came in 3ea 2m sections. Not the 2″ OD i was expecting but in keeping with the light weight concept the boom is only 1.5″ or so..seems strong and did not not sag but it will crush if you don’t keep the saddle clamps 1″ away from the ends. I may beef the ends up on mine.

not so strong or too close to the edge?

The elements are in 3 pieces, the center and the 2 ends. keeps it light. All parts of elements well marked. Holes drilled for the screws attaching elements together. I do prefer to clamp the joins but this is what we have…as I said..light is good.




On to the dual driven part.  A picture tells a thousand words they say….

Driven segment

The phasing lines

I think I am going to have to cut those bolts back!

Got some work to do cutting the tips of the bolts back so they do not get too close to the Driven elements. I think any time it rained I would see some swr increase due to that.

Well I put all the elements on and checked it out and laid it down on the lawn behind the shed to await rest of the stuff going up the tower.

Still no word of the new Steppir antenna but it might be on the way? The 7/8′ hardline is here and so is the 6 position remote switch.

Right now the 40m moxon is too close to the steppir so I really only should have one antenna up on top. I have ordered a steppir with 2 elements on 40 and 3 on 10m which should really play well on 11mhz, 12mhz marine and the rest of the ham bands. It is going to have to go up a little higher so I have at least 3m between the steppir and the 10m LFA antenna that will be going underneath it. Not sure where the TET antenna will go yet. I have 6 positions on the switch so plenty of positions for more antennae. I will put a vertical for 10/11 up there and maybe one for 2m as well and  a top fed sloper for 80m.

6 position remote switch

So we will sell the steppir we have and the 40m moxon, Moxon works Ok but just not that much better than the single element on the steppir. But it is better and it does have Front to back. It is bloody heavy.  It will be for sale locally.

I may install the TET vertically off the side and point it east….keep it out of the way!

Waiting on Steppir and Henry to get their stuff sorted and then away we go….

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