Busy Busy Busy

been a busy few months..We received a shipment of the new huracan MK1 and they are really nice..Just a few left on the shelf. Love the audio and the filter is working well, slight drop off in audio but makes a big difference to the noise…then we looked and said “we can go one better” and requested an 8 pin mic socket with up/down and turned the 3 way counter switch into a 100/5/1khz channel selector. With one MHZ bands in 5khz steps it was taking to long to move around the band. That’s it. Final..no more changes. I mean it this time..I really do.

Pick up the first testers of the final design next week. 24.5 to 30mhz.; electret icom compatible mic; 40W PEP, additional filter and rocking SSB audio.

Optimas will be coming in right behind them and they are being snapped up already.

Photos and the full scoop will be posted as soon as they are in.

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2 Responses to Busy Busy Busy

  1. rfguy297 says:

    Did you actually verify that all of the Mosfets were in fact IRF-520’s? I want to order some spares for this amp, but have been un-able to get any info from RM on what is actually inside. They seem to be “hiding” technical details.

    IRF-520’s are very inexpensive, as I’m sure you already know.

  2. Mystic Cowboy says:

    The Huracan sounds like a real winner of a freeband SSB rig. The Optima sounds like it’s in the same league. And as far as adding DSP to these rigs, you can add a bhi or an SGC DSP speaker to them and have a rig that will give any Icom, Yaesu, or Kenwood rig a very good run for its money! And at far less cost! 😉 I have heard these speakers in action and they are AMAZING!

    73 de Daryl 2ZX001

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