More antennae to play with

Some more antenna arrived this week along with the adapters to test the first lot.
I have lined a few of them up ready for the count down, but I think we are going to have to go with the flexible whips and the magmounts or other bases despite those evil looking coiled antenna’s because they will be too heavy to ship cheaply and not suitable for cars in the city.
My favorite is the welded aluminium one. It is also the tallest by a fraction. It looks neat. I may not order another one but I am not going to part with this one!
Just don’t know how I can keep it attached to the car! The mag mounted wilson 1k look alike and the little molded base loaded whip will probably prove to be best suited. Simple, less wind resistance, can take the knocks better than the stiffer helicals. The shiney chrome antennas are not going to make it. Heavy and held to gether with screws that I am sure are going to fall out as we go down the road and if you do whack into something they will take a bend, or snap something off for sure.

I hope you can blow this pic up to see it better….
here is a description…
A: short 23" helical on a spring mounted fold down base. Covers the bases for size and adjustability. Fold down always good. SWR adjustment from screw in tip.
B: weird looking 27" base loaded flexible whip with a center coil. Fold down base.
C; 62" chrome steel 14" to lower center loaded whip with 3/8" base connection. Not too heavy.
D: 34" base loaded whip on a fold down base. Popular in Europe. Looks like it might deliver the goods.
E: 47" top loaded helical. Strong and stiff. Adjustment screw in top. 3/8" threaded base. looks good. well made.
F: 61" dual coiled chrome steel with flexible whip. heavy. I don’t think you would want one on your car. Maybe on a bull dozer.
G: 65" welded aluminium coil with thick whip. Awesome. If this doesn’t beat everything else by a mile I will eat it. Very well made. heavy duty. just Awesome
H: 65; base loaded Wilson 1k look alike. Hope it works as good as the real thing. looks like something YeticomNZ should put their logo on.
I: 66" low loaded big coiled with flexible whip. Heavy but at least the weight down low. Look good on a truck.
J: 38" base loaded whip. Coil molded into magnetic base. Looks good. well made. not to long. Not too much power.
K: 15" center loaded flexible plastic coated antenna. low profile, low power and probably low performance. Some people would prefer it.
If it stops raining I will try to test these in the next few days. Will use a half wave vertical mounted same height as a control.
Will also stick a few hundred watts into the bigger antennae and see how they take the power.
Will also see what the little ones can take after we test them and hope I can shut things off in time as the SWR rises to avoid frying them.
I will have to try to smoke at least one of them….

About David Donaldson

66 and Live in New Zealand now. Hiding from Covid 19! I like to ride my bicycles.
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