A new radio to play with

This radio finally steps out of the mold of CB radios we have seen coming our way for the past years. Although the board is similar it has been redesigned using all SMD components so is very neat and spaced out. Very few wires cluttering the insides. What makes it so different? Well apart from the pretty colours; It shines up like a christmas tree in the dark…it has a PC function. With the progrm and cable we can program this radio from our PC’s. Although the radio came with 6 banks of 40 channels covering from 26.5 to 28.3 you can use the program to put in whatever frequencies you want up to 60 per band. Neat..Hell yes.
I did not like this radio too much at first..it does have some weird habits that take getting used to. It is fiddly and arrived with the Beep on that just drove me nuts while I searched the manual for the buttons to push to get rid of the beeps everytime you pressed or moved something! It also has a strange habit of remembering where you moved the multifunction clarifier to and returning to it instead of the channel that should be in that spot. However the PC program made it all come right. I could program in the entire freeband from 27405 to 27705 in 5khz steps. Beautiful. No more messing around with the clarifier. You have the choice of programming in different frequencies for TX and RX so you have some fixed split frequencies ready to go as well. 60 channels s a lot of inputting and it all has to be done by hand. Once you get what you want you can save it and go about devising another set which you can save under another name. Unreal.

It doesn’t have a mic gain. Bad. I am sure we will be able to reroute the mic gain pot in the radio to the front panel and drop one of the echo controls.

The clarifier has four modes. it also tunes down to 10hz but can only tune within a 10khz area. Don’t think that you can go marching up and down the band in 1khz steps because you can’t…(Well yes you can if you used the PC and input them all like that!)
It also has some rather neat functions in the transmit mode. You can set the radio up to show, volts or SWR or TX frequency or time left (if you have the Time out TX function engaged) I have shown that in several photos below.

So how does it work on air..Is this going to be another Cobra 200GTL fiasco? Thankfully not. Despite having 2 IRF520 mosfet trannies in the PA section the power has been kept down to 21w PEP on SSB so it is hardly stressed. The tx audio is OK but a tad thin..nothing that can’t be fixed with a power mic or some tweaking. The audio is clear and does not appear to suffer from the warble that most of the expanded 10m radios have. Receive audio is OK…par with most other sets though it did seem a bit more susceptible to splatter. It arrived about 20hz off frequency and did not appear to drift very much if at all.

This set is one of the first off the productionline and it is pretty good. it looks good, works well and doesn’t cost the earth. And you can program it how you like it. get rid of the frequencies you never use and fill it up with what you want. That’s what I did. Started with the NZ 40 channels and still had 20 left so stuck in some of the calling frequencies in 26mhz as well…26.285 etc etc. Then I went to B band and put in the 40ch US CB frequencies…followed by the 5 alpha frequencies and the Aussi CB marine band. Then I put in the Freeband from 27405 in 5khz steps. Band C. Band D was for the 10m band starting at 28305 in 5khz steps. Then the 10m FM band and a bunch of repeater frequencies in 29mhz. And I still have a band I need to fill up! I did not include anything in 25mhz. I have never used it. But I do have the radio I want…this week. next week I can change it all again.
You will need the instruction book nearby for a while as you start with this radio but soon it all becomes 2nd nature…..

As a radio it does not have anything to set it apart from anything else and in some areas it probably falls short. But as a concept that enables the user to design the radio frequencies around what he wants it is rather cool and visually nothing else on the market has this many coloured lights outside of christmas. The back lit front panel glows away happily in the dark….  good Stuff….Most people will be attracted to this radio and while it won’t let them down it just might confuse the heck out them for a while. We have some in stock. Send me an email and we can talk price. dealer enquiries welcome for outside Europe.

The photo above is from the manufacturer and shows just what they can put on to the front panel. Pictures below of the ones I took.

The SWR read out in Transmit. I don’t think it is too accurate. The radio can stop transmitting when the SWR reaches a predetermined level. ..good…

The picture below shows the Volts in on transmit. A nice touch….

The neat SMD mother board….

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66 and Live in New Zealand now. Hiding from Covid 19! I like to ride my bicycles.
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15 Responses to A new radio to play with

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  2. Max says:

    I have Maas DX 5000 but I need communication cable (I download software from web)
    is it possible to buy this cable from you.

    Thanks & Regards

  3. Dave says:

    Thank you for such a well informed write up about what seems to be a very good radio, the article you have written has been informative enough, to certainly help me make my decision on what radio I would like to purchase next.
    The only thing I need now is the bank balance to purchase, well done on your great informative comments. Best regards AU001 Dave

  4. Alfie (Brazil) says:


    I bought one of these radios here in Brazil. It’s actually a Hannover BR-9000. However, I can’t find the programming cable anywhere.

    I wonder if it would be possible to get the schematics from you so I’d be able to make one.

    Thanks for any help.

  5. carvalho PX1W7723 says:

    ola , boa noite comprei um cb hannover br-9000 e estou muito satisfeito com ele ,,sendo que estou na batalha para comprar o cabo e dvd para progamalho , estou com ele para os 10 metros e ainda nao pude usalo desde ja muito obrigado pelo espa o e gostaria de compralo e fazer uso do meu equipamento que tanto desejei e que ainda nao tive o prazer de brincar com ele.

    • pu2sgu stefano says:

      software pode abaxiar pelo internet o cabo um simplic cabo usb de qualcher cellular exsemplo lg chocolate custo 20 reais praticamente o cabo tem que ser um conversor de usm a porta serial de comunicatione fifo rs232

      • José Dirceu says:

        Por favor, gostaria que vc desse mais detralhes do cabo do lg, pois a tomada que vai no radio é totalmente diferente e há só tres fios enquanto o da saída do lg há mais que tres.

  6. Gordon Scheels says:

    This is the VERY BEST radio that I have ever had the pleasure of owning. It is definitely a lot of bang for the buck. I was completely blown away with the performance after having set it up via computer programming. The RX is absolutely fantastic. The TX does not lack anything. I would recommend this radio to anyone, whether amateur or CB radio operator. Every feature actually does something. Just go slowly and try one feature at a time and you will not get overwhelmed and frustrated and you will find that you are actually smiling as you do this. I personally give this radio a 10/10. Call me crazy, but, I appreciate quality when I see it and experience it for myself.

  7. brendan says:

    good stuff ,just bought one gonna attach to sigma mantova turbo, south wales

  8. Francisco Escobar says:

    hola. I live in Montevideo, Uruguay. I bought a xceiver used as the maas DX 5000 but branded AQUARIO RP-80, but the same rig. It works great, but only in 11 meters band, I need the software and cable to carry to 10 meter band. I accept suggestions, my e-mail address is: cx7af@hotmail.com.
    Greetings, thank you.

    • dd182003 says:

      All the versions of this radio use slightly different versions of software that are not usually compatible.
      You will need to purchase the software and cable from the distributor of the radio. Our software is only compatible with the board ver 3.1 from the Anytone AT5555.

  9. Smitha905 says:

    Howdy would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re working dcdgkebbaefafedd

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